Review: Keurig B31 Mini Plus Personal Coffee Brewer

I wish I could say that I am writing this because I received this amazing coffee brewer for free to write my opinion over the amazing skills, quick delivery of coffee and simple ease of the Keurig B31 Mini Plus Personal Coffee Brewer. However, I am just writing this review because my husband and I purchased this item and absolutely love it! 

Is the Turquoise Aqua amazing?! I am so in love with the color choices that were available to choose from. If anyone knows me turquoise is my favorite color and I was so excited to be able to purchase our Keurig in it. It looks awesome in our kitchen and adds a bit of cheeriness to any cup of coffee that we brew. I'm not sure my husband was as thrilled with purchasing a bright color, but he loves it now! It sure does grow on you. 

The Keurig B31 Mini does not have a reserve for water. Instead you open up the top and pour in the amount of water that you need. There are 6 oz, 8 oz and 10 oz options, but I just fill up my coffee cup and pour that amount in the top. That makes it super simple to brew the exact amount that you  need. You place the k-cup of your choosing in. When you open up the lid for where the k-cup goes the water dispenses into the keurig where the heating element is. Make sure that you allow all the water to pour in! You'll push the button where the blue light is flashing and the water begins to heat up. It takes about 2 minutes for the water to heat and then it begins to brew your coffee. 

It sure does make a mean cup of coffee and quickly too! My husband and I decided on this model because we do not drink a ton of coffee. I'm lucky if I can get through a cup throughout the day. We were brewing coffee in a regular coffee maker and I was simply making too much. I hated all of the coffee waste. This is perfect. It makes exactly one cup which is all that I need. It also makes enough to fill up my husbands smallest to-go mug so he can take a cup to work, which is all that he drinks too. So this is absolutely perfect for us. 

The price also sold us. You can catch this model on sale for a pretty affordable price. We purchased ours through when they were having a sale on it for $99.99. However, there was also a 20% off coupon that we applied plus Discovercard was offering 10% Cashback from Kohls during the holidays. We still paid a decent price for it but called it our Christmas gift to each other. 

This was my first cup of coffee that I brewed! Of course I had to have some creamer in it, Smores flavored. Yum!

*This review contains my own personal opinion. I was not compensated in any way for this review. I purchased the Keurig myself. I just love the machine and want people to find a good review on it!*

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