The Need to Recharge

There are some days that I feel like I have this stay at home mom, full time college student, wife, homemaker, part time babysitter for another child, crafter, couponer and being a woman thing down...Then I have days that I wonder how I could ever believe I'm good at it all and have it under control. 

Yesterday was one of those days. I woke up believing I was going to accomplish so much. I did not account for the moody child, the lack of energy from less sleep and growing a baby or the minimal motivation I had to work on any homework assignments or dishes from making yummy cookies in the morning. 

Over nap time I did what any normal momma would do who was simply exhausted mentally and physically. I sat down on the couch, propped my feet up and caught up on an episode of Parenthood.

I did not pick up the toys that were strewn out through the entire house, I did not work on homework assignments that I later had to do that evening after bedtime, I did not pay bills, I did not wash the windows that desperately need a little elbow grease applied to them, I did not pick up a dust rag, the vacuum cleaner, a dishrag, a piece of laundry. I did not do anything but relax and zone out. 

The truth is it's hard. It's not easy being a stay at home mom or a full time college student or a wife or a homemaker or anything other title you may hold. I am challenged daily on different levels on different issues. However I always remind myself that what I do is important, it is worthwhile, it is smiled on by God himself. I am taking care of my child, of my family.

There will always be a load of laundry, always be dishes that are in the kitchen sink, always be a toy that is out of place, always vacuuming that needs to be done or food that needs to be prepared. Taking time for ourselves to refresh, to relax and to unwind is important. If that time is not taken we burn out. We do less. We become dissatisfied with what we are doing. 

When I put it that way that episode of Parenthood was really on my to-do list. I needed that time to recharge so I can be the best that I can be. Sometimes we all just need a break every once in awhile. 

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