20 Weeks!

I am officially 20 weeks pregnant. Half way there! I can't believe that this journey, this experience is half way finished. I don't mind pregnancy one bit. I find much joy in carrying my husband and I's sweet baby girl. I find happiness when I feel her little kicks and jabs. I know that my blessed role of being her momma is an important one and I have vowed to give her a calm and wonderful experience while she is growing big, strong and healthy inside of me. 

I feel like my belly has grown quickly in the first 20 weeks. I have put on around eleven pounds so far which I pretty pleased with. However today I had to break out my maternity jeans. I told myself I couldn't wear them until 20 weeks. I didn't want to. I wanted to stay in my pre-pregnancy jeans as long as possible. Today was the day. They are officially on and oh so comfy they are! 

I know that you other mommas probably agree with me. Putting your maternity jeans is a bitter sweet moment. It's almost like you have been defeated because the weight has finally made you stop wearing your skinny jeans. However at the same time the comfort in the jeans is awesome and knowing that you had to bust them out because your baby is growing is 
kind of an amazing feeling.

I had to wear maternity jeans much sooner when I was pregnant with B. I believe I have Zumba and chasing a 20 month old around to thank for putting the maternity jeans off a bit longer. I'm trying to be a bit more active this pregnancy. ;) 

Here's to another perfect 20 weeks carrying this perfect child that God has blessed us with. 

Keep growing little girl. In 20 more weeks I will see your beautiful face and your perfect baby soft body. I will be able to hold you, kiss you and whisper sweet "I love you's" in your precious ears. You already make your momma smile so much! Also, baby girl, I have already began filling your future closet with purples, pinks, frills and lace. Your daddy thinks I am crazy, but I am just so anxious for your arrival into our family. Big brother isn't quite sure what to think about everything right now, but I know that he will love you so, so much. 


  1. So exciting! I'm at 33 weeks and I can't believe how much time flies with my second pregnancy. So fun to fill those closets, hey? I get to buy blue for the first time :).

    1. Ahhh! 33 weeks! You are getting so close. Boy clothes are actually so adorable. When we found out we were having B, I had my doubts but the little ties, suspenders, shoes and more where adorable. I went through his totes of outgrown clothes the other day and couldn't believe the amount of adorable clothes that he had been through. Have fun buying for that sweet baby boy! :)


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