Baby Girl Preparation + Free Advertising

Having a baby brings pure joy. Literally. It does. 

I know you mommas agree with me. I also know that we also are challenged a lot as mommas. 

What does the baby need?

What does the baby want?

How am I suppose to keep my sanity?

I. am. so. tired.

So I am beginning to wonder how I need to prepare for this second baby, our baby girl. 

Along with developing a relationship with the baby and caring for his or her every need, plus take care of a toddler, a ton of products are thrown in our direction. 

Oh. Goodness.

I have most of the baby supplies from B, but with a baby girl this time around I am wanting to have some fun baby girl items around for her sake, but mainly mine. :)

Hundreds, no thousands, of products have appeared on the sites I have searched trying to find the cutest, best baby girl items. 

The problem. I have no idea what is best

Being on a tight(er) budget I cannot just purchase everything I see to try it all. I have to be choosy. I'm pretty good at being picky, but sometimes I long for the opportunity to be able to literally jump into my computer and test out all the products for myself in person. 

This brings me to the ultimate point. 

What baby girl products do you love the most?

What toddler items do you enjoy that keep both toddler and momma happy?

What pregnancy items do you think are a must have?

Do you sell/make a certain baby item that you would like to see featured here on my blog?

I love to write reviews. I've done so for both DaySpring and The Bumble Collection. I am still loving my Bumble Camille Changing bag. So versatile and awesome!  

Currently I am offering up free advertising on the blog in return for product to review. I can send you information on blog views, how many months free + discounted advertising after the free period ends and more. 

Please contact me for more information on how to get your product featured here on This Smiling Heart. 

If you have any suggestions for shops for me to look at please comment. I'd love to hear from you! :) 

There is a very happy soon to be big brother that would love to hear from you!

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