Credit Card Recommendation: Discover Cashback Bonus

I use a credit card. 

I know that this is not that best method for everyone as sometimes people need more structure to their money than handing it over on a plastic card. To each their own, however I will explain why I use a credit card and why I love Discover if you choose to have a credit card. 

I do control my spending using a credit card. I keep a running tab throughout my credit card statement with how much I spend in each category so I can watch when I am getting close to the end of my budget or be able to refer to it to see if I have enough money to go out for a cup of coffee, purchase those cute baby clothes, go out to eat at Subway during my grocery shopping trip, etc. 

I couldn't find a planner that gave me everything that I was looking for so I made my own. It was probably cheaper and it is more effective for me because it has all the elements I need in it. One of those elements is my credit card running tab page. I put down the categories in which I know I will have expenses on my credit card. It looks like this:

I also created a page that has whether if I was over or under budget in certain categories. This is important because I can refer back and see if I was under budget one month in miscellaneous in order to buy a bigger purchase the next month. Right now I am saving up for bigger baby items so I try to stay under budget so I have more funds to use in our miscellaneous column in the budget.

You'll also notice there is another credit card on this page. We rarely use it. It's my husband's, not mine. Sometimes in rare instances Discover is not accepted on certain websites or stores, so it is nice to have that card as well.  

This system really works for us and the best part is we are able to use our credit card, Discover Cashback card for rewards! 

Look what I received in the mail yesterday...

Oh TJMaxx how I love you! I can't wait to be able to use my $50 gift card. I used $45 in rewards for a $50 gift card to one of their partner gift cards that are on their site. There are several options for redemption of your rewards, but this is by far my favorite!

So why do I love the Discover Cashback Bonus card?

The rewards are worth it. 

We do not spend a ton of money since we have a small budget but using the Shop Discover online, the 5% cashback bonus on certain purchases (right now it through March restaurants are included) and 1% cashback on everything else we usually always have $25+ a month of cashback bonus. 

I know what you may be thinking.

Wow. $25. That's not a lot. 

It is for us. Two months of cashback gives us more than enough to receive a $50 gift card to one of our favorite stores plus leftover to apply to the next gift card. There are some options for a $25 giftcard for $20 as well. Any little bit really helps us out.

I had a TJMaxx card when we went on our last trip to the "big city". I was able to purchase swaddle blankets, onesies, socks, a faucet protector for the bathtub and an etch-a-sketch with book as a prize for B all for free because of having the $50 TJMaxx gift card I had earned with my cashback bonus. 

Every little bit truly adds up and there are amazing options to redeem your cashback bonus with. 

Partner giftcards.

Discover giftcards.

Apply cashback directly to your Discover card balance.

And more....

Shop Discover.

You can shop through the Discover card site just like ebates or Shop at Home and receive cashback. 

Some of my favorites are:

Target 5% cashback bonus 10% cashback bonus 15% cashback bonus

Walmart 5% cashback bonus

During holidays sometimes there are several stores that are double cashback. I know during Christmas this year both and was 10% cashback bonus. Right now for Valentine's there are several jewelry stores and flower shops that are double cashback bonus. 

If you do decide on a credit card please use one responsibly. I never, ever, ever, ever leave a balance on my card. Interest is not a pretty thing and it will add up super quickly. Always pay off the ENTIRE balance on your credit card. If you do not have the money in your bank account, you do not have the money to put any item on your credit card. 

However, if you know that you can control your spending and would love to receive the rewards and benefits of a credit card then I highly recommend the Discover Cashback Bonus card. 

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