February Citrus Lane Review + $10 off your Subscription

It's no secret that we love Citrus Lane. 

A surprise box each month that my little man can go through?

Yes please!

Our box is put together for 21 month old boy.

Citrus Lane did not disappoint us this month.  B loved his items. There was one item that we will probably not use but we can easily send it off to a cousin that will love it. :)

This month there were five items included:

  • Sea Animals from Chronicle Books (Retail value $6.99)
  • Clatterpillar from Hohner Kids (Retail value $12.00)
  • Little Buddy Wipes from Me4Kidz (Retail value $2.49)
  • Tooth Gel from Branam (Retail value $5.69)
  • Lip Balm from Pangea Organics (Retail value $12.00)
Total value of this month's box was: $39.17

Cost of the box is $25 shipped unless you decide to do a subscription and your box will be as low as $21 shipped a month. 

Here are some photos of the products that we received.

And now the unwrapping of the box by Bryson himself!

I know there are a ton of pictures of him but he was pretty excited about his box this month. The more months that there are boxes, the more excited he gets about the package for him to open all by himself. 

His favorite item was the book. He loves fish right now and is really starting to enjoy reading books out loud (there is a lot of jibber jabbering going on at our house!). We hear a ton of stories from him and he was excited to read this book to us and then let daddy read the story to him. 

The clatterpillar is a pretty interesting toy. We haven't seen anything like it before so it was a very fun item to receive. B is really big into musical instruments right now. To the point that his grandma and grandpa gifted him a little set of drums for Valentine's Day this last week. He loves his music!

The buddy wipes will be a great addition to the diaper bag. There is a lot of sickness going on right now unfortunately so these will come in handy on our outings I am sure!

We can't use the toothpaste because it is fluoride free. :( Our city water is super filtered due to high nitrates so our doctor has recommended we use toothpaste with fluoride since he doesn't receive any or much from the water. However we have a cousin that we can ship this stuff off to that will be more than happy to have it!

I just tried the lip balm and Oh My Goodness! Super softness. The smell is great. I love natural products. The size is HUGE. The consistency is really smooth and soft. I will use this until I either run out or until I lose it (like I do many lip balms!). 

If you would like to try out Citrus Lane for yourself you can sign up through my link and receive $10 off your subscription! Bryson will also have a credit to his account so he can keep enjoying his monthly boxes. It is a luxury for us to have and we appreciate that we have been able to continue thanks to the referrals we have received from you lovely readers. :)

If you would like to try one box the code "TAKEHALF" may still be working for 50% off your first box. This makes your first box $12.50 shipped. That's quite a deal! This code has been extended many times and I am not sure if it will last much longer or if it is still working at all. But it is worth a try if you would like. Otherwise enjoy $10 off your subscription when you sign up through my link! 

Happy February everyone! I hope that many of you will be receiving the March Citrus Lane box. Cut off date to order for March is March 5th. :)

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