How To Deal with Your Spending Freeze

I may have went a little crazy this last week and a half purchasing baby girl clothes since we found out we were expecting a little one to be dressed in flowers, bows, lace, frills, pink...all things girly and adorable. This was on top of our normal miscellaneous purchases of going out to eat, coffee runs, new pajamas for Bryson and various other items. I did not go over budget. I rarely do. That's a big no no in my book.  I'm pretty good at controlling myself to stay under or at budget, usually under. I am in control of our budget book and I try to stretch our dollar as far as possible. Having a little under each month means eventually I may have enough to buy a bigger item that we need down the road (I'm thinking Ergo this time around!). 

So I have $40 for the next 7 days out of our $350 misc. budget. Needless to say, I have put myself on a spending freeze! So how do I deal with a spending freeze?

1) STOP searching online for good deals. This is the hardest one for me since I like to constantly search for good deals. If I see something that is at an amazing discount it is hard to pass up if I think we will use it or if I think one of my children would love that item or look adorable in it. So I literally have to stop searching on the computer, looking at my deal sites and window shopping. 

2) Stay Busy! This is the best way to keep me from looking at anything and purchasing. I make a list of things that I need to get done around the house. Organizing, cleaning, getting rid of stuff we don't need, chores that haven't been done in awhile (ceiling fans, windows, dusting) and anything else that I can think of that will keep me from looking at the computer for sales. 

3) Projects on hand. I always think that I never have time to do any craft projects, Pinterest projects, home decor and all of the craftiness business. It's not true. I can find time if I am trying to stay busy to keep from spending money. I usually have all the materials on hand I just can't find the time. So I begin working on projects such as these during my down time to stay away from browsing deal sites. This works pretty well since I am able to complete a fun project and have a new item in the end as well! 

Right now I have the supplies for this fun project:

My nightstands aren't completely adorable like these are. I love the details on these. However, mine were free so I can't complain too much about that! I haven't looked them over in their entirety. So I am hoping they will be sturdy enough and receive paint well. I guess I will be finding out soon!

4) Homework anyone? So I still have 8 weeks left of being a full time college student. Yep, only 8 weeks! So I could use my time on the computer to complete my homework assignments as well as participate on the discussion boards. If you do have any homework; read, write, blog, whatever makes you happiest! There are so many books that I want to read and I am hoping to find the time to do so after these next 8 weeks are finished. 

5) Keep It Clean. It=House. Pick up things as you go. Vacuum daily. Do a couple loads of laundry. Deep clean your kitchen. Sweep the floors. Wipe down the crib. Find little things that keep your house clean and tidy. I know that when I am trying to avoid spending money, my house is much cleaner. Perhaps I should try to avoid spending money more often. : ) 

So what do you do to help pass the time over your spending freezes? 

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