Inspiration for B's Big Boy Room

We are planning on starting Bryson's big boy room in the next few weeks. 

Painting, possibly skim coating and texturing first, pulling out the carpet, refinishing the hardwood floors underneath, making his twin bed, maybe making some shelves and a lot of other little projects. 

Here are some sources of inspiration for his big boy room.

I want to make a space for him that has plenty of play room. Again, our rooms are on the small side, but we are planning to make some fun things in his room (such as the teepee) to make for some fun play time in the bedroom. I have several of his daddy's t-shirts from Jr. High-College to make into pillows. I bought the comforter I have pictured here from Target after stalking it for a couple months to come back into stock and also purchased navy curtains. 

I am hoping to make some fun stuff for his wall in all sorts of things "boy". Superheros, sports, planes, name it! 

I'm very excited about his big boy room. Now we just have to move everything out of there! It's our guest room/craft room/storage room/junk room. Needless to say it's pretty gosh darn full and I have no idea where I am going with all of the items. Many will be put in a garage sale this summer I am sure!

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