Joy in the Small Things

If you watch the weather you may know that Kansas has been blasted with some major snow lately. We had some sneak peaks into spring and I innocently thought that winter was over. There were even a couple of weekends that I wore shorts, enjoyed a Dr. Pepper slushie and played with my family at the park. 

There are no slushies or park time in our future. 

The snow is deep and i.n.s.a.n.e. 

School has been canceled since last Wednesday. That's right. The kids are on a week long break (as are the teachers). I am sure they are enjoying their extra free time away from school. 

I haven't seen the little girl that I watch in the mornings for a week now and B has been asking for her almost every morning. If they are able to clear the roads we may get to see her tomorrow. 

We've been snowed in. Our car is not exactly snow ready not to mention that it is stuck in our garage. The snow is very deep behind the garage so there is no way we can get out until we shovel it all out of the way. 

With being stuck inside we've been going a little crazy. However it has made me stop and take in the things around me. 

I'm home with little boy. 

My husband also was able to stay home an extra couple of days due to the snow. 

Family time is absolutely precious.

We have food. 

We have a warm home.

We have electricity. We were worried at one point that we may have a day or two without it when the predictions started rolling in for this storm. We were fortunate that it stayed on. :)

Snow shovels have a dual purpose. B can ride in it like a sled. 

Kids have a way of finding so much joy in all of the small things.

It's not that I am particularly enjoying being snowed in. I love the warm weather.

However, instead of focusing on what I believe to be the negatives of being snowed in, I am trying to focus on the joy in the small things, like B does. We can actually learn so much if we look through the eyes of a child. 

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