Let’s discuss…Bathroom Time as a Momma

We’ve all heard the jokes about the kids bothering you when you are trying to take your own potty break.

Perhaps fingers sticking under the door or even them running in wanting to sit on your lap? My mom even said that my sister and I would write her little notes and slip them under the door while she was in the bathroom. She always wondered if we really missed her that much in those three minutes that we really needed to write her a note.

I’m not sure what makes little ones think that they need their momma more than any other time when she is sitting on the toilet, but for some reason they do.

As most of you know by now I have a 20 month old son.

I also watch a 15 month old girl in the mornings.

She’s big into hugs right now. She is constantly trying to squeeze B with all her might. B is fine with it for the first few attempts but he sure doesn’t want to be hugging her 24/7.

This morning I informed them that I needed to go potty.

To them this = Let’s run to the bathroom screaming and laughing before momma can get in there.

Off they ran with me tagging behind.

B’s new thing is to say “Ewwww!” when either I am in the bathroom or when he is getting his diaper changed. Perhaps I have said that little exclamation too many times when he’s had a gross diaper.

So there I sit. Two sets of eyes on me as I go about my business. B is saying “Ewwwww!” when all of a sudden a hug attack happens right in front of me.

B is screaming trying to get her off. She’s laughing with her little hands gripping his shirt trying to pull him into her for what she believes to be a sweet embrace.

While sitting on the toilet I have to pry her off of Bryson, lift her up and place her on the other side of me. B is sitting on the floor still screaming not at all happy with what just happened.

I am simply shaking my head.


I just had to intervene between the two while I was having my own “potty time”.

Us mommas are truly on duty every minute of every day no matter what we are doing.

I guess having a couple minutes to yourself in the bathroom is asking too much.

I still believe that being a momma is one of the best roles in the entire world and I love it dearly. Truly I do. But the everyday occurrence of crazy bathroom time is still a mystery to me.

Have any lovely child/momma potty time stories?

Let’s Discuss. 


  1. Well, I don't have a human baby yet, but I do have a fur baby. If humans are half as bad as puppies, I don't know what I'm going to do. When Clover sees me head for the bathroom, she sprints in and sits right in front of the toilet so she can watch me. It is the strangest thing ever!
    I wish you happy, peaceful restroom-ing!

    1. That would be awkward! It's just weird when any set of eyes in on you. :)


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