My New Blog Design

Have you noticed the huge change around here?

Perhaps the background, the header, the side bar, the everything? My blog has gone under some major improvements thanks to Trina over at Pish Posh Design Studio.

She was absolutely amazing to work with and super sweet. Her response time was great and I am in absolute love with my new blog design. It incorporates so many things that I wish I had the knowledge to figure out, but simply do not. 

She worked on one huge element at a time so that I could give the approval of it before she started on the next element. I have to say that I loved that approach. I think it helped both of us out because she knew more of what I was going for and I saw where her design was taking things a little at a time. 

I had simple ideas of what I wanted my blog to look like but wasn't even sure how to describe it into words to tell Trina. Fortunately somehow she understood exactly what I was looking for. 

She did all the installing as well. Which if anyone knows anything about blogs it was a huge lifesaver! Custom elements can be tricky to work with in a blog design and I have even spent hours researching trying to revamp my blog on my own. Thank goodness for Trina! The process was so simple and smooth. 

Trina does graphic and blog design + print design as well. She's a very talented and has raving review from her customers. 

If you are looking for anything in the designing realm I know that Trina would be more than happy to help you out. She's only an Etsy conversation away!

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