New Hair

This may sound crazy, but I hadn't had a hair cut in a year and a half. 

It's true. 

A few times my bangs were driving me so crazy that I cut them myself and it didn't turn out well. Good thing my hair grows at a half way decent rate!

Yesterday I finally went into my first appointment in a salon in a long time! I hadn't been to a salon since sometime before my husband and I were married (a little over 2 1/2 years ago). A friend of mine had been cutting my hair at first. 

So yesterday was my first hair cut in a year and a half and my first time in a salon in a looonng time! Us mommas really need to prioritize and allow ourselves to be taken care of every once in awhile. :)


My hair had grown pretty long and the ends were driving me crazy. Well, it all was driving me crazy! 

Any "highlights" you may see are natural from the sun and just being my hair. I really am low maintenance. I have only colored my hair once since I've been married and I did it at home by myself with a kit that I used a coupon on. 


It's an angled cut from the back to front. I took off a ton of length from the back. It feels a lot lighter and a lot healthier after taking so much off the ends. So far I am loving it. 


  1. Eh, a year-and-a-half isn't so bad. I haven't had mine cut since July of 2010. :o)
    Your cut is SUPER cute! It fits your personality!

    1. Oh goodness! Sounds like you are overdue for an appointment. :) I wish it was easier to cut your own hair at home. That would save some money and time.

      Thanks! I really, really like it. :) And it was super easy to style which is always a plus.


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