Small Master Bedroom in Progress

We have a very small "master" bedroom. Our house has three bedrooms that are all about the same size. I think they are 10'x11' give or take a little. We have a queen size bed and our bedroom has been in the works for months and months. We still have more to go, but we are well on our way to being finished.

Our headboard is my favorite element in the room. It's an old door taken from a shed. We didn't do hardly anything to it because I wanted it to have that old, aged look. Oh yes, and it was free. 

Our bedspread I purchased from Hautelook. When it came up I was reluctant but I really wanted it. Most of our house is blues and greens, but the idea of having yellows in our room made me really excited. I wanted something really different, really cheerful and something that would brighten our little room up. The bedspread cost us around $90 shipped. A hefty investment for us but I knew I would love it. 

We found the pillows a little over a month ago at a Marshall's on one of our few "big city" trips. I believe it was around $20 for the set. 

We have one nightstand currently. My dad built it for me a few years ago. I am still deciding whether to find some older pieces to refinish to have two nightstands or not. We are not sure we will have enough room on my side of the bed for the Rock and Play when baby girl arrives. We may have to stick with one for now. (Notice right now I have a laundry basket as my night stand. Classy.)

Where the shelf with the TV is there was a dresser that was pretty tall and bulky. We moved that out this weekend and put that there instead. It takes up way less space and we were able to fit all of our stuff in a dresser that is currently behind the door when you enter (to the right of the bed). Once the room is completely finished I will take a picture. I plan on refinishing the shelf, but for now it works. We also have to hang up our LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU! sign. The frame didn't have a hanging piece on it so we've got to buy one. I purchased the frame at Hobby Lobby half off for $13. The print was a freebie with a credit I had to some print shop (I can't remember for sure right now). 

Curtains are from Target. I purchased them for $30. I almost opted for the cheap ones that were only $10 but am glad I purchased these ones. They are softer feeling. Curtain rod was free from a friend. 

I have a few more things to finish up, but I am really happy with the way our small master bedroom is turning out. 

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