Staying Active While Pregnant

When I was pregnant with B I hardly worked out and by working out I mean that I rarely went out and walked for exercise. I sure didn't pull out any DVDs or attend any fitness classes. I had this thought in the back of my head that I couldn't do anything. The "I'm pregnant and need to be super careful so I will just stay at home and take it easy" thought. 

Well...I know you've heard it before but I gained 53 pounds on my 5'3" frame. I lost 17 pounds when I left the hospital. That's what happens when you are 11 days overdue and you birth a 9 pounds baby, but I still had a ton of weight to lose. 

It was hard. It was really hard. I had to start watching everything I ate. I counted calories like crazy. I worked out more than I ever have in my life. I started up Zumba classes, I even starting running (I hate running), I did Jillian Michael's DVDs at home, I went on walks all of the time with B in the stroller. 

By the time B turned 1 I had finally lost all the weight. It took an entire 12 months for me to lose that baby weight and it was a journey that brought me to my next point...

It is so important to stay active during your pregnancy if you are able to. As long as your doctor says you and the baby are healthy and gives you clearance to work out and be active, do it!

I am staying as active as I can during this pregnancy with baby girl. Not only do I know that I am doing myself a favor for post-pregnancy, but I feel so great! I feel strong, healthy and wonderful all around. The doctor said I can continue Zumba until maybe the last four weeks of pregnancy. I walk as much as I can. I work out at home. I chase a 20 month old around the house. I work on projects. I watch a little girl in the mornings during the week (so I am chasing two toddlers for part of the day!). 

I checked my weight gain progress this morning. I have gained around 12 pounds at a day over 22 weeks. For my starting weight, height and optimum healthy pregnancy weight gain I am right on track! I hope to be able to stay on that path. 

It's not only important to stay active and healthy to gain a healthy amount of weight but it's great for your baby and hopefully labor. 

I had a very long labor with B. I'm hoping this time around the labor goes a bit more quickly. 

My suggestions for staying active during pregnancy are:

  • Keeping up with your pre-pregnancy workout routine with modifications. I love Zumba and knew that if possible I wanted to stick with it. Since I was given the go ahead I am able to go to my Zumba class twice weekly. I have to modify several of the moves. No jumping for me! I have to make sure I keep at least one foot on the ground at all times. However I still get an awesome cardio workout plus a ton of toning. I am digging the squats right now. I try to take it a little easier on the core parts of the routines, but it is still important to keep your core strong, even if that beautiful baby belly is covering everything up. 
  • Walk, walk, walk. Bryson loves to be outside. As long as it is nice outside I take him for long walks in the stroller. I keep a pretty good pace. It's not a leisurely walk when I go for a workout, however those leisurely walks can add up too! Walking is a great way to get your exercise in daily. 
  • Pregnancy DVDs. There are times I wish I could do more or times when the weather prohibits me from being able to walk outside or go to Zumba classes. Right now we have a ton of snow and classes are cancelled, there is no way to go outside to walk and I still want to get a decent workout in. I haven't purchased any, however a friend is letting me borrow one that I am loving so far. It's more about staying healthy. There isn't a ton of cardio in it, but there is a lot of toning with a resistance band. 
The DVD I am currently using
  • Chase your toddler if you have one. I think this has been a huge factor for me staying active this pregnancy. Chasing my 20 month old around is a very busy activity. He is going everywhere constantly. What's that I am not suppose to run? Sometimes it has to happen. I can't let my child get himself into trouble because I wouldn't run after him.  If you do not have a toddler you probably have a little extra time to spend on a workout DVD ;). 

This information may not be helpful to all, but so far my experience with one pregnancy of not being active vs. a pregnancy where I am staying active is very different. When you feel healthy, strong and beautiful during your pregnancy it sure does feel a lot better than the alternative. That's from experience!

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