Sunday Morning Yummies

Yesterday was a busy day. I decided to join Justin on an Admissions trip for the college. It was one that didn't require much traveling. We were able to get a hold of one of our favorite babysitters for B and she watched him until Grandma was off work. 

It turned into a very long day in which I bought a lot of fabric (some I don't even know what I am using it for yet), finished buying everything for B's Easter basket, went grocery shopping, browsed through all of Target's clearance (this also means I bought too much), went to Smith's Market which is a big treat for me and ended up having a family meal when the rest of the family drove up to meet us for our niece's birthday. 

This morning we had a very special treat. At Smith's Market they sell amazing cinnamon rolls. The last time we had them was months and months ago. We had a very scrumptious breakfast!

The second yummy of this morning was the adorableness of my son's Church outfit I threw together. Doesn't he look so sweet?!

Happy Sunday everyone!

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