The Opposite of my Prayer

It snowed this morning.

One of those elegant snows with the soft, fluffy snowflakes that you know would feel furry if they wouldn't melt on your hand right away. 

It was gorgeous. 

Yesterday my husband was telling me how we had a chance of snow or rain. I prayed for rain. I even went as far as to tell my husband that I hated snow. I'm tired of cold weather keeping us indoors. I'm ready for the 70 degree spring days where you can sit on your front porch and maybe catch a rain shower. 

God probably laughed at me. 

Sometimes He gives us the opposite of what we pray for. 

I prayed for rain. He sent snow. 

And yet, with that snow He gave me something more. I was caught off guard by its' beauty, its' simplicity. No, it wasn't what I wanted. But it was something that I needed. 

God has a way of knowing these things. 

This morning it may have been snow, but in the bigger things in life He knows what we need even when we want the opposite. He knows what is best for us. 

As the snow began to fall this morning I was folding laundry, B was watching out the front window in pure excitement and the song "Hallelujah" by Bethany Dillon was playing. 

Ok Lord. I get it. 

God has a plan. His plan is perfect. 

We have plans. They are not perfect. They are only made perfect if we decide to give up our original plans and make God's plan our own. 

God knows what I need. What you need. What every single one of His children need. 

We must surrender ourselves to the beauty that God can give us. We must embrace His plan for our life even if we have no idea what that is. We trust. We obey. We love. 

Instead of praying for what we want in our life, we should be praying for what we need which is God's will. 

May God's will be done. 

I surrender. 

And...thank you God for the beautiful snowfall sent for many reasons I am sure, but for the lesson that you have given me through it.  

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