Things You Should Know About Me

I often dream of making it big. In what? I'm still not sure.

I hate having my picture taken, but self portraits on the iPhone make it seem a little less scary.

I say "have your picture made" a lot especially when talking to B. My husband thinks I'm weird. I think I'm my mother's child.

I would spend $100 on my child before I spend $1 on myself.

I cannot drink coffee without creamer.

My house is never completely clean or picked up.

I'm a full time college student but graduating this spring. Whoo hoo!

I love budgeting. I'm kind of addicted to it.

I have a tattoo and I often forget about it.

I'm a huge procrastinator. 

Chocolate Milk + PB&J + Cheetos = One of my most perfect combinations

I've had a miscarriage.

I'm very stubborn.

The last time I painted my toenails was around 4 months ago.

I love my nerd glasses (so does my husband).

I never iron.

I've done many random things, even being a "secret shopper" to make an extra income for our family. Every little bit helps!

I'm deathly afraid of frogs.

I forget to put body fragrance on almost every day.

I rarely measure when I cook.

I eat frosting out of the can more often than I should.

I'm the shy person in the room.

I've yet to find a deodorant that really takes care of how much I sweat.

Spending more than $10 on one item is splurging for me. Depending on the item $10 seems like too much.

I do not drink near enough fluids in a day. I have to force fluids down.

I met and married my husband within 6 months.

I gave birth to B 9 days before our one year anniversary.

Husband and I do not share the name of our babies with anyone until they are born.

I'm obsessed with cute baby/toddler clothes and shoes. Boys and girls.

I love dark chocolate covered almonds.


  1. We haven't shared the sex of our baby with either of my pregnancies. And we are for sure not sharing the name. But we have one picked out :). Exciting! My house rarely feels clean and I always have cream with my coffee.

    1. You have some major strength for keeping the sex of the baby a secret. :) We decided since the gender was not a surprise that they name should be. Plus it makes it a little special just for us. I also know when names are announcements before the baby is born you receive a lot of suggestions to change it. No thank you. :)

      As far as cleaning I think once you get one thing cleaned it seems another is dirty. It's a horrible cycle! ;)


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