23 Weeks!

Weeks: 23 Weeks Pregnant

Size of Baby Girl: approximately 1 lb and 11 inches long

Activity: Loves to kick at random times but mainly during the evenings

Fun Moment This Last Week: Baby sister kicked B's hand

Cravings: Chocolate Covered Almonds and Chocolate in general

Weight Gain: approximately 14-15 pounds

My Activity Level: Zumba, chasing toddlers and some working out at home

Baby Girl Preparation This Week: Adding more adorable clothes to her growing closet

9 Weeks until GRADUATION
13 Weeks until B's 2nd BIRTHDAY
17 weeks until DUE DATE

Baby girl and I are close. I talk to her a lot at random times and the wonderful part about that is I know she is beginning to recognize my voice and possibly even be soothed by it. She moves around a lot during the day and I love to feel her little movements. It reminds me of the precious, amazing opportunity that God has given me to carry her inside of me. 

Pregnancy is beautiful. I loved being pregnant with B, but this time around it seems so different. I believe that having B has given me a deeper meaning of being a momma. That deeper meaning that he has created in me has allowed me to understand and embrace this pregnancy a little more fully. 

I can't believe I am already 23 weeks pregnant with this precious baby girl. I am so happy that she is growing healthy and strong. I am so happy that I get to bond with her during these weeks of pregnancy. I am so ready to meet her and kiss her little cheeks and see this beautiful baby girl that God has blessed our family with. 

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