24 Weeks

Weeks: 24 Weeks Pregnant

Size of Baby Girl: Between a pound and a pound a half, approximately 12 inches long

Activity: Moving A LOT.  Baby girl sure loves to do some Zumba in there! 

Fun Moment This Last Week: Thursday, March 7th in the afternoon I saw baby girl move! 

Cravings: Coffee because I am tired all of the time, No real baby cravings this week

Weight Gain: Last week I was way off on this number. I had my 24 week appointment on Friday and I have gained a whopping 19 pounds so far in this pregnancy. I was completely shocked at the scale and it made me realize that even with all of the exercise, watching what I eat and staying active my body is going to do what it wants to during pregnancy to some extent. The funny thing is that my clothes don't fit all that differently besides in the bump area. I pulled on a pair of shorts that should fit after I lose the baby weight and they fit except where my belly is at. Baby weight is so different than normal weight gain. Guess we will see what happens in the end! 

My Activity Level: Zumba, added a type of toning class, chasing toddlers, went on one walk when it was nice out for 30 minutes with B in the stroller and the little girl that I watch in the Baby Bjorn. That was a true workout. Lots of sweat involved! I don't think I'll be slinging any other baby around me again until baby girl makes her appearance! We also started working on B's big boy room this weekend so lots of moving stuff around. Very active this week!

Baby Girl Preparation This Week: Bought more clothes (it's an addiction!) and bought a new (used) glider rocker for the nursery. I was wanting a new glider rocker or even rocking/reclining chair for the nursery and we went to a moving sale Saturday morning and they had an amazing one. SCORE! Baby girl's curtains are already hanging in the nursery even though it is still technically B's room. I wanted to see what they would look like and they just haven't came down. :) 

8 Weeks until GRADUATION
12 Weeks until B's 2nd BIRTHDAY
16 weeks until DUE DATE

Husband and I have been talking about whether this is our last pregnant or not. I have so many mixed feelings over the idea but it hit me this week that I wouldn't mind having two kids. One boy and one girl. It may be the perfect family dynamic for us. We aren't going to make any sudden decisions about it, but now that I realize this may be my last pregnancy it seems very bitter-sweet. I am cherishing every single moment of being pregnancy, even the uncomfortable ones. 

This week baby girl began moving more than usual. Or at least she's gotten strong and big enough that her movements are way more evident than they were last week. I saw her move this week and it was completely amazing. She was moving around quite a bit so I decided to lay down and start watching and I am so glad that I did. I couldn't believe I saw her move this early on. With B I had an anterior placenta which means that the placenta was on the tummy side instead of the backside. It doesn't present any problems for the baby, but it doesn't allow momma or daddy to feel or see baby move for a much longer time than if the placenta is on the backside. So this time around it is a different experience because I am feeling her and seeing her move much earlier on than B and the movements are already so strong. It makes me wonder what it will feel like 10 weeks from now! So exciting!

The clothing orders are coming in like crazy for baby girl as well as for B. I have added clothes and shoes to both of their closets. Most of the clothing is used but in excellent condition. 

I received my order from Moxie Jean so be looking for a post featuring the adorable clothes that I purchased from that used clothing site. If you are wanting to go ahead and look around for yourself if you go through my link you will receive a coupon code for $10 off a $20 purchase. The clothes are absolutely adorable and great brands!

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