B woke up last night.

I reluctantly slid out of bed and went to retrieve him. He smiled with such happiness when I opened up his door. 

I gave him two options.

1) Go night-night again.
2) Let momma rock and sing him for a little while.

He picked the second of course.

I didn't know that the second option would mean rocking and singing for 45 minutes. 

I sing simple songs. Jesus Loves Me, This Little Light of Mine, Amazing Grace and Jesus Loves the Little Children are most of them. Every time I would end a song he would look up at me and say "more". So I would continue to sing. 

Eventually I began asking him if he was ready to go night-night. Every time I got a "no" preceded by a "more". I continued to sing and ask if he was ready yet. This cycle went on for quite awhile. 

Finally B looked up at me and said "momma" while pointing towards his bedroom. I asked him if he was ready to go night-night. He said he was ready. I took him into his room pointing out the stars that are projected onto his ceiling from his nightlight. We made it towards his crib and he began to let out a few cries. I laid him down. He let out a couple more cries. I listened from our bedroom through the monitor. In a few minutes there was no noise. He has succumbed to a peaceful slumber. 

This made me begin to reflect back on our relationship with God. 

Things happen in our life and we need to be comforted. God doesn't hesitate. He wraps His arms around us pulling us into Him and may even sing us a soothing tune if needed. 

When He asks us if we are ready for whatever is next to come we may say "no" and we may ask for "more" comforting. When it is time we may give out a few cries, but come to the realization and peace that He is there with us. He is our comforter, our supporter, our Father. He knows what is best for each one of us and knows that we will face many challenges in our lives. 

Sometimes we may defy Him by not wanting to do what He wants, but in the end we know it is what is best for us and for Him. For in everything we must glorify Christ. 


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your heart not only in this post but also for the Marriage Panel today in class. Thank you for sharing your past experience with a bad relationship, it is so encouraging to hear of other's stories of courage and faithfulness. So happy you found Justin out of that bad experience though! You are an incredible woman of God and a wonderful example. Thank you.

    1. Thank you so much for your kind words Heather. I believe that God gives us our experiences, our pasts, our blessings to share with others. It's not always the easiest to do, but the stories that God has given us may be important for another one of His children. :) I am so glad that God led me to Justin too! He truly hears our prayers and holds our futures.


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