Let's Discuss: Pregnancy Emotions

It's nights like last night that make me realize how much pregnancy truly can mess with a woman's emotions. Yesterday morning I was fine and then by the time I got home from Zumba I was a complete emotional disaster. 

Sorry husband. 

Carrying a baby is a beautiful process, but there can be some rough spots. 

The thing with the hormonal changes in your emotions, nothing has to really set it off. It can be nothing or it can be things that you make up in your head. It's a crazy roller coaster ride and the thing is that our hormones have to change for our baby. Women are expected to have mood swings during pregnancy. The changes in our hCG levels trigger hormonal changes. We need these hormonal changes to sustain the pregnancy and continue to nourish the baby. So these hormonal changes are completely  necessary to the pregnancy (or so I've been told and read) but it sure can stink if you are experiencing an emotional roller coaster ride! 

So even though I woke up happy and content yesterday morning by the end of the day I was curled up in bed sobbing. 

Part of it is the weight gain at this point. I am 5 1/2 months into the pregnancy and the weight is finally getting to me. At Zumba last night I didn't feel completely myself. I felt like I had more weight that was shaking around and even though I know I wasn't being judged by the other women, I felt like I was. If not judged for the extra shaking of a little extra maternal fat storage on my booty or thighs I am super conscious of  how I am feeling while exercising. Am I doing too much? Am I doing enough? Can I do that move? I try it out and if it feels alright I continue, but I feel like maybe other women are thinking "she shouldn't be doing that". 

Yes, I shouldn't worry about what others think (if they are even thinking anything). I am listening to my own body and only I know what is truly too much, but it doesn't stop the feelings of thinking I may be judged for my activity levels while pregnant. 

Why do we worry about being judged in so many areas of our parenting lives even before the baby makes his/her appearance? 

I am truly thankful to be pregnant and continue to have a healthy pregnancy, but I am sure ready for the emotional roller coaster to come to an end. 

This was my daily "the doc says" on one of my baby apps. Perhaps I just need a little rest and relaxation of mind, body and spirit.

Any experiences with pregnancy emotions and how you coped with them?

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