March Citrus Lane Review + $10 off Subscription

This month's box came while we were gone on vacation so we (I) was super anxious to get back to see what goodies came this month. I was not disappointed. I thought they did a great job this month. The only thing I was disappointed in was the "mom's offer". I'll explain later, but it's nothing too special. 

We receive a box for a 22 month old boy. 

This month the box included 4 items and a coupon offer.

1) Slumber Friends Plush Pillow from Cloud B: Retails for $21.95 We love Cloud B. We have the Twilight Turtle in Blue that I was able to get for an amazing price for one of his Christmas presents this last year. He loves it and can't sleep without it. I wonder if this sheep pillow will become another favorite at night. It smells great! I love aromatherapy items. This was the really big item and I was very impressed!

2) Puzzle Wheel from Mudpuppy: Retails for $9.95 We received the Robots Puzzle Wheel which was very awesome for B. He likes to try to say "robot" right now and thinks they are pretty cool. He took each puzzle piece and kissed the robots. So this one was a huge hit! The awesome thing about this puzzle is that it is 90% recycled paper and printed with nontoxic, soy-based inks. That's a big plus in my book! I have never seen a puzzle wheel like this before so I was pretty excited by this toy in the box. I love when we receive more unique things that I haven't seen before. It doesn't happen to often because I research brands and products almost daily. Another feature on this puzzle is on the reverse side is a color wheel. B loves saying his colors right now and he is getting really good at distinguishing between them all so that feature is great for us right now too.

3) Jungle Tattoos from Wee Gallery: Retails for $5.00 We haven't really dived into tattoos yet, but we tried them this morning! He loved them! I've heard of Wee Gallery from Citrus Lane but we've never received an item made by them until this box. So far I am impressed with the quality and the jungle animals are pretty unique and fun looking. B is also really big into saying animals right now so he had a lot of fun putting them on and now he is running around saying the animals along with their sounds. 

4)Banana & Apple Pouch from Peter Rabbit Organics: Retails for $1.79 Usually B doesn't care much for pouches. He ate part of this one before he was done. It was nice to see a different brand of pouch in a Citrus Lane box. I still would have preferred a different type of snack that he would enjoy more than a pouch. However I know there are lots of kids his age that still love pouches. 

5) $20 Offer from JUSTFAB Not impressed with this offer. It's not exclusive even though the card says it is. When you sign up for JUSTFAB you can receive this deal as well. The Citrus Lane code may be exclusive but the offer is one that you can receive elsewhere as well. 

Overall the box retailed for $38.69. I did not include the JUSTFAB offer. 

Overall I was impressed with this month's box. The items are ones that I think are quality and are items that we did not have which is always great. Citrus Lane is our favorite subscription company and the only one that we use currently. I can't wait to see what April's box holds!

Speaking of April's box...they are already SOLD OUT! If you are at all interested in Citrus Lane you need to sign up now to make sure you get in on May's box. I'm hoping for some more awesome products for B's future boxes! 

If you want to sign up you can receive a $10 credit through using my referral link. 

There is also a promo code for new members for half off their first box when you sign up for a subscription. Use the code: TAKEHALF

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We appreciate everyone who signs up through our link. Citrus Lane is a luxury item for us to receive each month and we are able to do so by everyone who has used my referral link. Thank you so, so much! 

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