Moxie Jean Review

I placed my first Moxie Jean order last week and received it by the end of the week. The packing and shipping process was super quick and I was very impressed. 

The things I love about Moxie Jean:
  • The clothing brands are excellent to pick from!
  • Newborn sizes to size 8. YES please! I love thredUP but do not like how they start at 12 months. What about all those cute baby clothes that are hardly worn?!
  • Fast shipping! Seriously. I was impressed
  • The packing was awesome. Even my husband said so. 
  • The way their site is laid out is wonderful to sort through. I like that you can pick a "style" to search for in the sizes. I looked through it all but found I connected the most with Free Spirit.
  • Outfits already put together. I love that they combine brands to make adorable outfits for you to choose from. 
  • Prices aren't outrageous for the brands and quality you are receiving. There are some things I could find more affordable from other mommas or even on clearance at TJMaxx, but for the most part the prices are affordable. 
  • $10 credit on a $20+ purchase for signing up through a friend's link. Which meant that I saved $10 on top of the low prices! My link will be at the end of the post so you can do the same. 

I purchased baby girl some adorable outfits in the smaller sizes. Overall I spent around $40 shipped. A great price for the quality of the clothes, but yet another splurge for me. On to the adorable photos!

Who doesn't love ruffles on baby girls?! Seriously. So cute. This little yellow ruffly and super soft dress is by Baby Gap. The little bloomers they paired with this outfit are Gymboree. I love the pop of color that will be under this soft yellow dress. I bought this in size 0-3 month. Should be perfect for baby girl for the end of summer. 

I simply could not pass up this adorable outfit. C'mon! Butterflies and striped tights. Adorable! Everything in this picture is Baby Gap. The outfit came with the dress, bloomers and tights. Size 0-3 month. I am sure this will be one of my favorites. 

This is the only newborn outfit I purchased and I dare you to argue with it's adorableness! I love the colors, I love the shape, I love the halter type top, I love the ruched leggings and how amazingly small they are. The brand is American Living on both pieces. This may be one of the first outfits I put baby girl in. I can imagine it with a little matching purple flower on a headband. Oh yes and perhaps the little turquoise jelly sandals I bought her from Old Navy. Perfect!

I could not pass this dress up either. Both pieces are Old Navy. It's a 3-6 month dress which should fit her for fall and early winter. It's a pretty soft sweater dress. It's much prettier in person than in the photo even though it sure looks cute to me here! 

One things I knew is that baby girl is going to need some sleepers. These are 0-3 month Carter's sleepers. I love butterflies and cupcakes and these were paired together. Waiting just for me? Perhaps they were. 

These two outfits were paired together on their site. The little dress on the left has a built in onesie that is the orange color underneath. The brand is Giggle Better Basic by Under the Nile. It's soft and airy. Size 0-3 month it'll be perfect for baby girl. The outfit on the right consists of a Child of Mine by Carter's top and Baby Gap pants. Super colorful and I love it! Again 0-3 month. 

The entire purchase that I made from Moxie Jean! I really do love everything and cannot wait to dress baby girl in these outfits. There is something about preparing for baby girl through her little outfits and accessories that feels so precious. 

The quality is outstanding on these used clothes. If I was to receive these clothes from someone else I would never have guessed they were used! 

If you are interested in trying Moxie Jean for yourself (well your little ones) go through my link and you will receive $10 off a $20+ purchase. 

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