My Sweet Boy

I know that my baby boy is no longer a baby. 

I know that when we give him a hair cut he turns more and more into a little boy. 

I know that he is about 3 feet tall and wearing 3T clothing at 21 months old. Such a big boy.

I know that he is super independent and wants to do everything by himself. I'm waiting for the "Look ma! No hands!" day. 

I know that with every day that passes and he learns something new he becomes even more of a little boy and leaves behind his babyhood. 

However, I also know that he will always be my baby boy. 

He will always be my baby boy when I peek in on him while he is sleeping.

He will always be my baby boy when he gives me a sweet smile and says "momma". 

He will always be my baby boy when he lets me rock and sing to him. 

He will always be my baby boy because he is mine. 

As we prepare him for all things big boy as we prepare for the arrival of our baby girl I have to keep myself from crying knowing that he has to grow up. He is excited about his big boy room, his big boy bed and is becoming used to the idea of maybe going potty like a big boy. I'm excited for him too because he is learning, growing and becoming his own little individual.  

To my baby boy...You are so, so loved. You will always be my baby but I will try my best to not baby you. To let you grow. To let you explore. To let you become the man that God has planned for you to be. Your momma will always be here with open arms and a smile on her face. However, I am grateful for these moments that I get to spend with you as you grow. Don't grow up too fast. I love these sweet moments that you and I have together. You are an amazing little boy. 

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