My Week Via Instagram

I love Instagram so naturally many of my photos are uploaded there. So here is my week via my Instagram photos!

A squirrel attacked me at our front window. Yes, you heard that right. I was inside taking his photo as he looked in at me. He then proceeded to jump at the window, hit it and fell down only to jump back up and climb up the screen. It was actually quite creepy. I would have screamed if B would have not been down for a nap!

These two photos go hand in hand. I realized how much money I had been spending on B and little girl. They have both gotten tons of clothes, shoes and more lately. I knew little girl stuff was addicting but I still have 17 weeks to go! I need to get this shopping habit under control!

B is obsessed with his drum set. He wakes up in the morning and wants it right away. So my mornings consist of coffee and a little drumming. 

I baked these beautiful muffins on Friday morning. Recipe coming later this week. They are lemon poppyseed muffins and I love them. So does everyone else. They do not last long. 

My parents moved! We spent the majority of our weekend helping them out. B loved exploring the new house and watching Minnie out their new backdoor. They are now only 20 minutes away from us! We are very spoiled to have both sets of parents so close.

I reserved this movie early Saturday morning and used a 50 cent off promo code! 76 cents to watch the last Twilight movie. Yes please! We have never went to the movie theater as a couple and I am pretty sure it will remain that way for awhile. We just wait for the movies we want to watch to be released at Redbox. 

My handsome boys walking home from church and lunch at the college. I love these two so, so much!

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