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My boys watching Tangled while I worked on homework Sunday night. My weekends are usually full of homework filled evenings. However, I only have three more of those weekends! So excited for when the time comes that I get to lounge on the couch with these two and watch a movie in the evenings. 

As mentioned earlier this week I was blessed with an amazing win on a giveaway. God is good! I know he provided this for us for baby girl! Read more here. 

This guy challenges me on a daily basis. "Sit on your bottom sir" sounds more like a suggestion than an order. Raising kids is hard especially when they look at you so cutely while being naughty. :)

We bought this glider rocker at a moving sale on Saturday. It is super comfortable and was a little bit of a splurge for us but we knew that we wanted a new glider rocker or rocking chair for the nursery for baby girl.  So this came at a perfect timing for us. We were able to give away our glider rocker that we had and put this one in it's place. If you notice I've already hung up baby girl's curtains as well. I wanted to see what they would look like and we haven't taken them down. Pretty sure sign we love them. 

B loves to sit on his grandpa's mower when we are over at the shed getting supplies or hauling stuff over there. We cleaned out the front bedroom this weekend and began painting in order to transform it to B's big boy room. We are hoping to have it all finished by the end of March so we can try moving B to a big boy bed. 

That was my Instagram week!

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