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Bryson had a hair cut at the beginning of the week. You have to follow up a hair cut with a bath! He was pretty happy with his new look.

Moxie Jean featured me on their Facebook page for my review write up. I keep browsing their site almost daily tempting myself with more cuteness. 

My boy is such a cheese!

Intense coloring session going on this last week. He has always loved to color but now he has been wanting to color several times a day. I also love that he holds his crayon correctly. Such a smart boy!

We did a little relaxing watching Cars in the middle of the week. Momma and B needed a little cuddle time. 

He has a friend named Rayleigh who is one of the cutest little girls! He loves her and this is what happens when you say "Smile like Rayleigh!".

We went to the zoo this week. It was super nice outside and we knew we needed to take advantage of it. On our way we stopped at McDonald's for a breakfast burrito. This boy won't let anyone help him so he ate the burrito all by himself. He's pretty big!

Completely exhausted after a day with family at the Zoo celebrating his grandad's birthday and a couple shopping stops. He was quite the trooper! 

Bath time fun with mommy at the end of the week! He is beginning to love saying his letters, colors and numbers. So we had fun spelling as well as using bath color tablets. Yes, the water is yellow on purpose. : ) 

As I was going through my Instagram photos for this week I noticed that most of them are all focused on my little boy. That's what happens when you are a momma! He gets a lot of attention.

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