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In case you were wondering why I had hardly any posts this week, we were on vacation!

B excited to almost be to our destination of Red River, New Mexico.

We had a rough night/morning for the first day. B woke up at 4:30 a.m. and didn't go down for a nap until early afternoon. He had to watch a lot of trains on Youtube with daddy. He must have missed his trains from home! We live on Main Street and can see the trains from our front windows and front yard. He loves them. 

B enjoying his very first rock candy. My sister and I used to love these as kids. He picked his very own from the candy store. 

Such a sweet boy!

Family picture! I love my adorable family. 

B was very excited about the tattoos that he received in his March Citrus Lane box. These are very awesome tattoos and his very first. He loved them. If you would like to read more on our Citrus Lane box go HERE.

B had some Christmas money that we hadn't spent due to not being able to find anything the splurge on with it for B. We had taken him to Target and let him go through the toy aisles but he didn't want to take anything home. He would grab a toy and play with it, we would go to put it in the cart and he would scream "no!" and proceed to put it back on the shelf. When I came across this rocking chair I thought it was perfect. He took over our "grown-up" rocking chair in the living room and I knew I was going to want it when baby girl came along to rock her and nurse her. He was very excited about his own little rocking chair! It's pretty perfect and it was the exact amount of his Christmas money. :)

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