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Bought this adorable outfit and it came in at the beginning of my week! Baby girl has quite the stylish closet. 

Came into the room and found my little man dusting away without me asking him to. He sure does try to help out!

What is this yumminess? Well, it was one of those beginning of the weeks. I made some delicious, easy cookie dough that is made for eating not baking. That's right! Check out my Pinterest under "Wishful Food Indulgences" for the recipe!

I made some sweet toilet paper roll binoculars for little man and he loves them!

He loves to be outside...all of the time.

His favorite thing to do at the park is swing.

My Aunt dropped by this cute handmade blanket for baby girl! Love it!

I finished up my last class this week. We made a trip to Wichita to help celebrate, which included my favorite, Olive Garden. I always have to have a Bellini Peach tea and their salad and bread sticks are one of my favorite combinations!

Went to Cold Stone Creamery later in the day and tried their new frozen yogurt. It was delicious! 

We came home from our day together in Wichita and this is how we found B. He spent half of his day with my sister-in-law and her family and the other half with my parents and sister. He spent a ton of time at the park and was completely wore out by the end of the day. 

My free Shutterfly photo book came in this week. I decided to do a book that only had photos from Instagram. :) 

Bought a new rug at Target for our front porch. It matches our front door perfectly and I absolutely love it.

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