Our TV Mantle

We do not have a fireplace, but we do have a television on a wall that felt completely blank awhile back. I had this idea that I wanted a shelf for the wall above the television, a so called TV mantle. It's been up for several months but I never tire of looking at it. It was a very thrifty project from the get-go. 

The piece of wood was from my husband's grandpa's farm. In one shed there was a ton of wood and this one looked to be able the right size. We brought it home and Justin cleaned it up. It didn't take much. We didn't want to do anything to do to keep it's old appearance. There is something about old wood that is just gorgeous. 

My dad happened to have some shelf brackets from leftover projects in their house. Perfect! Another free item for us. So all the shelf took was a little bit of cleaning and attaching the brackets. There was absolutely no cost to us which is the best kind of project!

I love the Faith sign. I purchased it over a year ago on clearance at TJMaxx for around $3.

My grandparents gave us this beautiful Willow Tree piece after having B. I love the simplicity of Willow Tree. The lines and the colors just make these pieces so perfect. 

The blue frame is another TJMaxx purchase for around $17. I had a gift card and the color was absolutely perfect. I love displaying photos around my house so this was the perfect addition to the shelf. Those photographs were taken for B's 1st birthday which was 9 months ago. Looks like I have a little updating to do!

Family photos are precious. To the left of the frame is another TJMaxx find on clearance for $5. 

On this end of the shelf there is a handmade pottery piece that my husband and I purchased at the annual auction that happens here at the college. It was a piece made by one of the students and we absolutely loved it when we saw it. Wreath is from Hobby Lobby and the other family photo was a freebie from a company when they introduced their new foam backings on photographs. 

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