Pinching Pennies: How I Save On Diapers

As many of you know I love to save money and try to pinch my pennies in many aspects of our spending in order to have money to save or splurge on other items that we normally do not have the extra income to spend on. My splurges usually involve B and already baby girl. Her closet is more packed than mine is already and I still have three months to go until she introduces herself to the world! 

I believe that God has blessed me with the ability to spend our money wisely, find ways to make an extra income and budget well in order to live off of our one income so I can stay at home with our children. It's not that we don't struggle every once in awhile or wish that we could afford something that our friends can, but God has always provided everything that we have needed + more! He truly does pour out His blessings to His children. 

One item that you have to purchase when you have children is diapers. There is no way around that expense. 

We tried cloth diapering...

Notice the cloth liners hanging in the window in the background. ;)

I didn't mind using cloth diapers and we really splurged and purchased quite a few to have a good supply of them. However, B did not have good reactions to the diapers. First I thought it was build up, but I stripped the liners. B is also on the big side so the diapers fit super snug even though they were a one size diaper and could be adjusted. Needless to say we cloth diapered for about two months and then had to quit. 

You have to admit that cloth diapers are pretty adorable! 

So then I had to figure out how to spend the least amount on diapers for B as possible since cloth diapers didn't work out for us. 

I love Amazon Mom. I know there are quite a few complaints about them since their discounts are less and such, but I am still able to get the best bang for my buck on Amazon. Here's how!

1) Amazon Mom gives me 20% off my diapers
2) When a brand I love is at a low price, I grab it quickly with my discount. 
3) Surveys. 

How does #3 deal with diapers?

I use survey sites to make a small extra income. It usually isn't much but little amounts sure end up helping us out! I use both Valued Opinions and HotSpex for Amazon gift cards which I apply to my diaper orders. Sometimes I have $10 in Amazon gift cards and sometimes I have around $25. It all depends on how many surveys I was invited to and accepted into each month. This does truly work for me. 

At the age B is right now we go through minimal diapers. Honestly I think maybe I use 4-5 diapers a day with him. 

So what's a good price for diapers?

Before my Amazon gift card(s) I aim for a diaper to be around 20 cents. Our favorite diapers are Huggies for B, but this next month I have both Huggies and Luvs ordered to compare the difference. Luvs is on the less expensive side and if they work just as well I will be saving even more money per diaper. 

Last month after I applied Amazon gift cards I was able to purchase my Huggies Snug & Dry diapers Size 5 for around 10 cents per diaper! 

I do have to take in account that I now have to purchase Amazon Prime to receive my Amazon Mom discount. Currently I am able to get it for $39 a year for being a student and there are several other perks besides my diaper discount. My husband has a first generation Kindle Fire that I gifted him for Christmas two years ago so we can watch different movies/shows and download from the library for free with Prime. I also purchase other items from Amazon and receive free shipping on several orders with Prime without a minimum purchase amount. For us, it's worth it. 

I am hoping that B will start potty training in the next 6 months so we only have two in diapers for a minimal amount of time. I've already started stocking up on diapers for baby girl when they hit super cheap prices and I am praying that we may be gifted some diapers when she arrives, however I am not counting on it. :) And maybe she'll do well in those cute cloth diapers! 

If you would like to be invited to either of these survey sites to start earning cash/points towards your own Amazon giftcards contact me! I would be more than happy to send you an invitation. 

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