The Smallest Desires of Our Hearts

"Delight yourself in the Lord and he will give you the desires of your heart." -Psalm 37:4

God works in big ways, but He also works in the small ways too. 

Each one of us are His children. And you know, He's a pretty good dad. He doesn't always give us everything that we want but He certainly provides for us in our needs. However there are those times when there is something that we desire that isn't a necessity. 

When I think of my earthly Father I think about how he raised my sister and I. He was gracious, understanding, strict at times always knowing what we really needed and what would keep us safe, but he liked to surprise us with the little things too. There are many times that he caved into my sister and I's requests. We are his daughters after all. We tug at his heart and he has the desire to fulfill our desires. 

I think God acts very much in this fatherly manner. There are times He has to put His foot down. There are times He doesn't give us what we want knowing that it isn't what we needed. There are times He has to be stern with us and give out a life lesson. Then there are times when He wants to surprise us and give us something that we may have wanted that was not a necessity. He knows the desires of our hearts, even the smallest of them. 

About a month ago I was talking with my husband about something that I really wanted our little girl to have for Christmas next year. We have budgets on the lower end for Christmas gifts especially with planning ahead for two children. 

Have you seen these gorgeous dolls?

These are Baby Be Blessed Dolls. I fell in love with them when I saw them advertised on another blog. They are personalized in so many ways, not to mention simply adorable. I love handmade items. There is something so special about having something that someone's hands and precious time put together. It's so different than store bought. A handmade item is one that I feel can be treasured and passed down. 

These dolls are extremely special because not only do you  choose the hair style, hair color, skin color, fabric for the dress, but you choose a Bible verse that will be sewn onto the bodice of the doll. You can include your child's name as well as a special date or message if you would like as well. 

I knew from the moment I saw these that I wanted baby girl to have one to cherish with a special scripture just for her. 

My husband agreed that it would be a special gift for her for her very first Christmas this year. She will be too young to truly understand, but it will be something that she will grow into and always have with her to love on. 

So now for figuring out how to purchase this sweet Christmas present for baby girl...

God had a plan of His own.

He knew the smallest desire of my heart. 

I entered the Baby Be Blessed Free Friday giveaway over the weekend and come Monday morning I saw a post on Facebook saying they had announced their winners. I clicked on it 3 minutes after it had been posted. Imagine my shock, excitement, joy and disbelief when I saw my name there as winning the Baby Be Blessed gift voucher for a free personalized doll!

I ran (as quietly as possible since B was still sleeping) to the bathroom where my husband was taking a shower. I tore open the shower curtain and showed him the screen on my phone which announced that I had won. I'm not even sure what I said but I do remember my husband saying that I was giddy. I was. Who could blame me?!

God had provided a way for us to give baby girl one of these super special dolls for her first Christmas. Again...the smallest desire of our hearts. He knows. I imagine that He probably was smiling down that morning at my happiness, my smiles, my giddiness. He had surprised me. He gave me something so that I could give it to my baby girl. He provided a desire and a sweet one at that. 

And for anyone wondering this is the scripture we picked for baby girl's doll:

"I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfull made; your works are wonderful, and I know that full well. -Psalm 139:14

If you are like me you think these dolls are beyond precious. The company is run by stay at home mommas and each doll is completely handmade by them. The wait time for a doll to be made is pretty long right now so you will want to plan ahead if you want to purchase one for your sweet babies. 

Visit them on Facebook, their Blog or their Website

Also don't forget about Free Friday! They have some amazing giveaways. Last week they gave away a Baby Be Blessed doll as well as your choice of an amazing handmade sign from another wonderful company. I am still contemplating splurging and buying one of them for baby girl's room.

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