27 Weeks!

Weeks: 27 Weeks Pregnant

Size of Baby Girl: Around 2 lbs and 14 1/2 inches long

Activity: Still moving around a lot. Instead of a lot of kicking this last week I've noticed a lot of rolling up against my stomach. 

Fun Moment This Last Week: Easter was a great holiday with family. We are very blessed to have both sides of our family live so close together so we can spend time with all of them and B gets to spend the day with everyone too. I think it's important that he gets to see our family all together rather than separately all of the time. He loves them all and we all get along so it all makes sense! I also broke out my maternity dress which was fun and comfortable. Next time I wear it will be graduation!

Cravings: Food in general. I've noticed this past week that I am hungry...a lot!

Weight Gain: approximately 22-23 pounds (I will know an exact amount at the end of the week at my next appointment)

My Activity Level: I've tried to get in as much walking as possible as well as chasing children around. :)

Baby Girl Preparation This Week: More baby girl clothes purchases on our trip to Wichita. However, a lot fewer items than what big brother received. Three outfits were last minute purchases at Babies R Us during their Buy One Get One Free sale. I purchased some of the new Organic line from Babies R Us. They are completely adorable!

5 Weeks until GRADUATION
9 Weeks until B's 2nd BIRTHDAY
13 weeks until DUE DATE

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