28 Weeks!

Weeks: 28 Weeks Pregnant

Size of Baby Girl: Around 2 1/2 lbs and 15 inches long

Activity: She moves a lot. Instead of a lot of kicking she is pushing up against my stomach a lot while rolling and adjusting. She still has room to move in there so she is enjoying her freedom!

Fun Moment This Last Week: We went to Home Depot this week to purchase all of the supplies for a privacy fence for our backyard. We had saved up the money and are very excited to be able to put up a nice cedar privacy fence in our backyard for a safe place for our kids to play and for us to hang out as a family. 

Cravings: No particular cravings this week.  

Weight Gain: I had my 28 week appointment on Friday and I have gained 28 pounds. It's driving me crazy with the weight gain since I worked so hard to lose it all after Bryson, but I know that it's a healthy weight gain. My doctor is pleased with it and knows that I have been watching what I eat, exercising and chasing a couple toddlers. There isn't much more I can do and I have to keep up the nutrition for the baby! :) Hopefully it will come off easier and faster post pregnancy. 

My Activity Level: We've went on a few walks since the weather has been nicer. I had to stop going to Zumba due to cramping. I think it was just too much for my body unfortunately. Walking hasn't been difficult but I do have to monitor myself. My stomach gets super tight and I can get some lower cramps so I just either stop or slow down. No speed walking for this momma right now! Of course I have also been chasing two toddlers and I even watched a 4 month old last week for 4 days all day long so I feel like my activity level is pretty high. 

Baby Girl Preparation This Week: Purchased a couple of items for baby girl's room this weekend while shopping with my mom. A new basket to hold stuffed animals and an adorable little canvas sign. I can't wait until we can start putting all of the little details together but we have a lot more to do before I can work on her room (building a privacy fence and Bryson's room including building B's big boy bed). 

4 Weeks until GRADUATION
8 Weeks until B's 2nd BIRTHDAY
12 weeks until DUE DATE

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