A Cartoon is Seriously Okay

I am a parent who doesn't mind the television. 

I support any and all who do not use a television for financial or personal reasons. However, we are a family that does subscribe to a satellite service and enjoys our shows. 

I read blogs where they have rid themselves on the television and are very impressed, but sometimes their posts feel directed at those of us that do use the television in our homes. So here I am writing a post about why we use the television and why I believe that a cartoon is perfectly fine for your little one to watch. 

First off...we do limit the amount of television that is watched in our home. The television is not on 24/7 except for some days I do play channel 826 <Contemporary Christian music> all day long. Sometimes music keeps my sanity especially when it refocuses me on what is truly important; God. 

Secondly I believe that children can learn from the television. We have been working on B's colors, letters, numbers and shapes lately. In my opinion he is getting pretty good at it for 22 months old but it was confirmed while he was watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse the other morning. It was an episode that dealt with shapes. We haven't worked on shapes very long and he has picked up on them from some of his toys that repeat them. The episode was asking the kids what shapes were on each egg. He said triangle, heart and circle before they said it and then repeated the rest after! I was seriously impressed. 

Before B was really into Disney, PBS and Nick Jr. we had him watch Baby Signing Times DVDs for any television time. B knows so many different signs that many people we run into are in awe of it. Of course we reinforce the signs at home while teaching him the words now at his age, but he has picked up most of it from those DVDs. American Sign Language was an amazing thing for him to learn. He still loves watching those DVDs and he continues to build his signing vocabulary along with his verbal. He now signs while saying the word. It's always amazing to me how well my child can communicate with me. For a good guess I would say my son knows 60+ signs and I do not even know what his verbal vocab is he literally learns 1-4 new words a day. He picks up on things so quickly!

Thirdly, if anyone knows my child you know he is a crazy energetic little ball of fire! I watch another little girl in the mornings four days a week and this last week also had a four month old all day. While those two little ones were napping and my rambunctious child was still wide-eyed and wired a cartoon allowed for some quiet time in our home to allow the little girls to be able to sleep soundly. Television doesn't keep my child from being active. He has limits and many days he doesn't even want to watch a cartoon at any part of the day. However, in situations like this last week a cartoon was miraculous! :)

A very still moment before the running and screaming begins...

Another main reason we have television in our home is for us parents. :) We do not really have date nights. We probably should and we may have to address that in the near future, but for now we enjoy being able to cuddle on the couch at night after B has went to bed and catch up on some of our favorite shows or even a basketball game (mainly for my husband's sake!) together.

Little known fact: We have never been to the movie theater together. Not even when we were dating. 

So instead of the movies, we enjoy our television. 

It's all personal preference but we truly do enjoy having a television in our home. As long as we keep limitations on it I think that it's fine for our family as a whole too. 

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