April Citrus Lane Review

We had been waiting rather impatiently during the week for our April Citrus Lane box to arrive. To say that it is a highlight is an understatement. B and I both love the Citrus Lane boxes. 

I had been watching the Citrus Lane Facebook hoping that some spoilers would pop up for his age. They didn't. All of the baby boxes looked great! Aden and Anais, Melissa and Doug, some sweet teething toy and more. I was impressed. I was not disappointed in B's box this month either.

Our box is for a 23 month old boy. 

He was pretty excited about his box. He is starting to become quite the little cheese. 

Inside this month's box was 5 items all for B. 

1) My First Paint with Water from Melissa and Doug. Retails for $4.99. This is kind of a cool looking book especially since we haven't dove into painting for the messy reason. The description for this says "Simply dip the included paintbrush in water, apply to the picture and watch the page fill with vibrant color." I think this will be a fun activity for B. 

2) Packin'SMART Keepaa from Innobaby. Retails for $5.99. I was actually going to order this awhile back when I saw they were in the older kids boxes when B was a bit younger. I thought the concept was pretty neat. B loves Capri Suns but I have to watch him super carefully because he tends to want to squeeze a little to tightly. Perhaps this will help us out.

3) Non-Slip Placemat from Oogaa. Retails for $8.99. We were needing a placemat. B doesn't always like to eat in his high chair anymore and I had been looking for one. This one looks perfect and B will love pointing out the little animals on it. It is also dishwasher safe. Whoo hoo! Plus it says you can doodle on it with washable markers. Perfect! B is quite the little doodler. :)

4) Tots Mish Mash from Plum Organics. Retails for around $1.10 if purchasing on Amazon. They also included a 50 cents off coupon. Although I love the brand B does not eat these anymore. We have tried on several occasions with ones from Citrus Lane and ones that we have received elsewhere. A different snack would have been much better for him. 

5) Shampoo & Body Wash from The Honest Company. Retails for $9.95. We just found out that B has eczema. It has been quite the battle for the last couple weeks but we've finally got it under control. I am hoping that this can be used safely on him since soap is such an irritant during baths. Crossing my fingers!

All in all the box retailed for $31.02. We won't use the Tots Mish Mash from Plum Organics, so only $30 of the items will actually be used by us. Not a wonderful value in a box from Citrus Lane, but it is full of items that we will hopefully use. 

If you are wanting to try out Citrus Lane you can sign up for my link for $10 off a subscription! I wouldn't wait too terribly long as the April box sold out super quickly last month. 

You can also try the code "TAKEHALF" for 50% off your first box when signing up for a subscription. 

Thank you so very much to all of you who have signed up through our link. B loves his Citrus Lane boxes. Without our referrals we wouldn't be able to receive these boxes. It is a luxury, fun item for us each month and we are very thankful that we are able to receive them! Thank you!

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