Believing I Am Beautiful

I have been disturbed by the statistics and videos that Dove is putting out. The latest one this week says that only 4% of women globally believe that they are beautiful

Why is this percentage so low?

It is saddening and frightening. Why do we not believe that we are beautiful? 

We could go into the media. We could go into watching our mothers pick themselves apart in the mirror while we were growing up. We could go into the mean comments that girls say about you when you are growing up. 

That all affects us. 

However we can change that. We need to heal ourselves of those past hurts and recognize that each one of us women are beautiful in our own unique ways. 

I have not always thought myself to be beautiful. We constantly compare ourselves with other women and that's simply not fair to us because we are not them. Those women are beautiful, but we are too. I look at celebrities. I hear other guys talk about how beautiful some of them are. I wonder how to achieve their beauty and their glamour. 

I could go into what I believe the negatives are about my body. 

My nose. My growing weight which gives me a chubby face while pregnant. My arms. 

Or I could highlight the positive. 

My eyes. My natural brown hair. My booty. Yep. I love my rear end. My stretch marks that display that I carried my beautiful babies. I wear them proud. 

When we look at our positives we begin to view ourselves in a beautiful way. 

We do not need to be so hard on ourselves. God views all His children as beautiful. He truly does. He made each aspect of each one of us. He knows our beauty inside and out. 

Why is it so hard for us to accept the beauty that God has given to each one of us as His children and know that we are each beautiful children of God? 

I do not want my daughter to see her momma picking herself apart in the mirror or complaining about the way she looks. I don't want her to see me crying when my skinny jeans do not fit. I want her to know that her momma is confident in the woman that God made her. 

I do not want my son to see his momma trying to fix every aspect of herself. How will this affect the way he looks at other girls as he grows older? As his momma I need to be a good role model of what to look for in a girl when he enters that stage of his life. 

For my children I want them both to know that their mom truly believes she is beautiful. Not in a vain way, but in a way that shows my children I am happy with how God made me and I do not need to change any aspect of myself. 

I am so blessed to have a husband who reminds me that I am beautiful. Have I shrugged him off before? Yes. Us silly women tend to doubt our beauty. Doubt ourselves. 

My goal from now on: Doubt less. Love more. Embrace the beauty God has given me. 

I posted this picture on Instagram this morning with this caption:

I love my new glasses but most importantly I do think that I am beautiful. God made us each beautiful in different ways. We are each unique and beautiful in the eyes of God. These ads put out by Dove shock me. 4% of women believe they are beautiful! We need to change that statistic. I do not want my daughter to pick herself apart focusing on what she doesn't love about herself. I want her to know she is beautiful inside and out. I believe this starts with me, her momma. I will not focus on my negatives but instead embrace the beauty that God has given me.

So will you join me?

Will you be part of the growing 4% of women that believe they are beautiful. Because you are. Each and every one of you!

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