Moxie Jean Review + $10 Off Your First Order

I placed another order with Moxie Jean this week after being super impressed with my first order. To read about my initial reasons of being impressed read here. They once again, amazed me! 

I placed an order on Monday afternoon and received my package this morning in the mail via USPS. I placed a $50 order so I received free shipping. As I unwrapped each bundle of cuteness I couldn't believe these were used clothes. They are in amazing condition and are so soft and pretty. 

How cute are these little bundles of clothes? I love the way that they package them. It's simple yet really sweet. 

Let's get onto the detailed pictures of each outfit! I found that I most identified with their Free Spirit option of being able to browse through their available outfits. I believe I also bought something from Tea Time as well. 

This was the set that I believe was from their Tea Time style line. These are both 0-3 month outfits. The one on the left is Old Navy and the one on the right is Baby Lulu. They are both really soft and summery. 

This little outfit is a Carter's onesie and a Cherokee skirt, 0-3 month size. This is one of my favorite color combos. I love, love, love turquoise. This is so adorable and breezy for the end of summer. Not to mention that this outfit only cost $3.99. 

This little outfit is the only newborn outfit I purchased this time around. Both pieces are by Carter's. It was $2.99 and it was too adorable to pass up. 

I love that there are high quality name brand clothes on their site. The outfit on the left is an XXS (0-3 month) Tea Collection romper. Tea Collection is one of my new favorite brands as I keep browsing for clothes for baby girl. Seriously though. It is so pretty on a different level as well as super, super soft. I have a feeling she'll be dressed in that little romper several times. The little dress on the right is by Cherokee. It's another very cute summery dress. I think this little girl will have to have outfits changed several times a day to get enough use out of all of this cuteness or maybe if we decide on a third baby we'll have another girl to enjoy all of this adorableness. This set of two was on their site for $10.99. 

The little romper on the right is another Tea Collection piece. Again, love it! The outfit on the left is by Babysoy and is brand new with tags. It is super soft and I love the different ruffle details. This one will be fun to dress up with an adorable headband and shoes. Both of these pieces are 0-3 month. 

Something about this little hooded striped romper drew me in and I knew baby girl would be adorable in it. It's by Old Navy and is a 0-3 month size. 

I love this little outfit. It's an outfit by OshKosh, 0-3 month. The back also has a super cute criss cross design. Again, turquoise. Need I say more?

Here is the entire lot of clothes that I purchased from Moxie Jean this time around. 10 outfits for $50.93 (free shipping). Not bad I would say! Especially for the incredible brands and the condition they are in. I still can't believe they are used. I would seriously never know. They are in perfect condition. 

Here is my little helper playing in momma's bedroom curtains while I take photos of the cute clothes for baby sister. 

If you are interested in purchasing from Moxie Jean you can go through my referral link and receive $10 off your first purchase of $20 or more. This is a great deal and I am confident you won't be disappointed. You may be a little overwhelmed by the amazing amount of clothes you can go through. I had a hard time downsizing my cart but only wanted to be around the $50 mark. 

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