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At the beginning of the week B didn't think that he need to go down for a nap. He fell asleep pretty easily on the couch. However the next four days after that were napless!

The adorable See Kai Run boots that I purchased for baby girl at quite the steal of a price from! Less than $9 shipped!

One of my favorite new coffee mugs that I purchased from TJMaxx a few weeks ago. $3.99. And it makes me so happy to drink coffee from it! A very cheerful cup. :)

One day instead of a nap we played hide and seek! 

My boys. Friday night we headed down to our favorite coffee shop (the only one in town and it is amazing!) and enjoyed a special treat of drinks and live music. 

I was excited to see that our Walmart that we go to 20 miles away actually carried Flower, the new make-up line by Drew Barrymore. I had to try out a couple of the products. I painted my nails last night and I love the color. So pretty!

This is the adorable little outfit that I purchased for baby girl from one of the swap groups I am apart of on Facebook. I love it! The brand is Violet and Moss. The top is a little sheer and flowy and the pants are super soft. So sweet!

Our fence is finished!

My view out the backyard now minus all the wood that was picked up. :) I can't believe we have a privacy fence! We are so excited for this huge investment that we made. We know we will enjoy it and be able to have the extra play space for B outside where it is safe. 

B all dressed and ready for church. You can't see it but he is wearing his Tiny Toms again too. Love his big cheesy grins, his little hat and his tie! Such a cutie!

My sweet baby boy and I. I love him so much!

Oh how I love these two! They are so good to me. :)

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