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We received an awesome water painting book in our Citrus Lane box last week and B is absolutely loving being able to paint with water. It's one of his favorite activities to do almost daily. 

One of B's favorite things to do is go to the park. When momma goes, we do a lot of swinging. 

This week we were able to enjoy our newly fenced in backyard. It is so nice having a privacy fence and B and I were both enjoying the great weather. 

Time to get the tent out! B received his tent from his grandma and grandpa for Christmas. He was excited to be able to play with it now that it is becoming warm outside finally!

This is what a little boy looks like after playing for extended periods of time outside where there is piles of mud. 

B has began to give these cheesy smiles constantly at the camera. The camera doesn't even have to be on and he goes over to it and says "cheese!"

B's birthday may be in a month but we decided to go ahead and purchase his big gift so he could enjoy it throughout May too. Both sets of grandparents plus us went in to buy him his own big boy swing set. He was pretty excited about it!

Daddy was pretty excited about this purchase as well!

Again with the cheesy grins!

Before our zoo adventure we tried out MooYah, a really good burger and fries place we found out! We all loved it including B. Everything was delicious. I even had the turkey burger and loved it. 

B absolutely loved the zoo this weekend. It will probably be our second to last trip before baby girl makes her appearance. 

I purchased myself my own drink from Starbucks, however I should have known this little boy would take it from me! Fortunately I did get the majority of it. :)

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