Putting on the Chub {Pregnancy Weight Gain} and Defining Perfection

I am a little ways into my third trimester but still have a little under ten weeks to go. It scares me to think that I have that much longer to keep putting on weight during this pregnancy. I have tried to control my weight gain but my body has not allowed for me to be in control. No matter whether I exercise and eat healthy or relax and pig out on a bowl of ice cream my weight gain remains steady. Must be the way God intended for me to grow babies!

Even though I know that this may just be the way my body was made to grow healthy babies it doesn't make it any easier to swallow when I walk into the doctor's office to stand on that dreaded scale. My last two appointment I have consistently been gaining 2 pounds per week for 8 weeks! Am I nervous to see the scales at my next appointment in a week? You betcha! I'm not sure I can take another 8 pounds of baby weight in one month emotionally. I know physically that I will be able to work hard to get it off after the baby arrives, but I also dread that hard work. 

I gained 53 pounds with B. 53 whopping pounds on my 5'3" frame! Yikes! It wasn't easy but I was down to pre-B weight by his 1st birthday. Lots of calorie counting, Zumba, walking and I even tried running (not for me!). It was hard. Worth it. But hard. 

As I keep sizing myself up in the mirror every night wondering where all this weight is going besides the huge growing belly I know that more than anything I am so happy my baby girl is growing big, strong and healthy. 

Us mommas sure do sacrifice our bodies for our sweet babies. 

I think what is making it more hard to for me to swallow right now is all of these photos of celebrities in swimwear and their toned, tanned bodies. I know that celebrities have a lot of advantages in order to achieve a body like that, but it sure does put stress on us other women. 

Why do we believe that we have to look perfect? And whose definition of perfect are we trying to achieve? 

That's the big question really. 

We do not need to meet the so called "standards" of this world. 

We are each beautiful in our own way. We are each made in a different way. How boring would the world look if everyone looked the same? 

Embrace your own beauty including the new look that pregnancy weight gain may have given you. 

I suppose that is what I am struggling with the most right now. 

This is me last summer for 4th of July. Oh the skinny face and the skinny arms! 

I now weigh between 30-35 pounds heavier than that woman that I see in this picture. It's hard knowing how much you fluctuate in weight with pregnancy, but at the same time I look at that beautiful little boy in the picture and know that I am growing another precious child inside of me.

It's more than worth the sacrifice of my skinny body. It's more than worth the stretch marks that appear. Those stretch marks to me are love marks. They show that the precious children I dearly loved were within me growing in miraculous wonder. It's still amazing to me how a sweet baby can grow within their momma's womb. 

I would rather live with a little extra skin around the middle, a little extra chub that is difficult to work off than live without the blessings God has blessed my husband and I with. Our bodies are merely vessels in this life. Important? Yes. Worth the time and emotional break downs when it doesn't measure up with worldly standards? No. 

I will continue to struggle emotionally to some extent, but I know deep down that what truly matters is the sweet baby growing inside of me and the sweet little boy that has stolen my heart. 

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