Spending Time With Your Children

If you happen to come over to my house during the week when I am not expecting company the look of my house may surprise you. 

You will see more than one of the following:

  • Laundry piled up everywhere
  • Toys scattered throughout the entire house
  • A dining room table piled high with much randomness
  • A lot of furniture that needs dusted
  • A messy kitchen with dirty dishes in the sink
  • A bathroom that could use some cleaning
  • An unmade bed
  • A craft project laying out (or two)
  • A dirty couch that really needs scrubbed down
  • A laundry area that is crammed pack and overflowing with things that need to be put in their correct place
  • A few pairs of my shoes spread around on the floors
  • An occasional dirty diaper rolled up on the floor
  • A recycling pile that needs to be taken out

Truly. My house is usually a mess. It's well lived in! I love my house when it is clean, I just do not like to clean. When I have any free time I prefer to do other things than clean and straighten up. 

What does this have to do with spending time with your children?


When I became a mom I had very high expectations of myself. I was going to do it all. Perfect mom. Perfect wife. Perfect student. I look back on that idea and laugh. 

I won't be perfect at anything but I can be the best that I can be and that starts with spending time with my children. Taking the time to put a few puzzles together, read some books, have a tickle fight, color a picture, go over our ABC's, build a tower, hug and kiss on my child and enjoy the time that I have to stay at home while they are so little. 

Your kids won't remember how perfect and clean everything was but they will remember the times that you spent with them. 

In my two years of being a momma I have learned to not be as hard on myself about a clean house. There are still days that I apologize to my husband for a messy house. He laughs. He doesn't expect it from me. When it is clean, wonderful. When it isn't clean, wonderful. Thank goodness I have a husband who understands! 

Now my house isn't always a mess. I do happen to find some time to try to keep up every once in awhile. However, I just want to stress to other mommas don't be so hard on yourself. We are not perfect. We are blessed women who God has given precious time with wonderful children who will eventually grow and lead their own lives outside of our homes. Enjoy them now. Enjoy every moment you have with the blessings God has given you!

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