Warby Parker Review

It was time I ordered new glasses. I had my free pair from Coastal, but since my eyes have been so dry in the third trimester of my pregnancy I've opted to wear glasses over my contacts. I wanted another pair to be able to wear that had better lenses. I decided on the free lenses when ordering my free glasses which was not the recommended ones for my eyes. I have to have pretty strong lenses. It has been quite the change for me since I haven't worn glasses consistently since elementary school. 

A friend posted about a place to order glasses called Warby Parker. I was very intrigued since I had just ordered a pair from Glasses USA and they were super crooked on my face when they came in. I knew I was going to send them back so I opted for a refund rather than getting another pair. 

Warby Parker offers a Home Try-On Program for free. I picked out five frames to try on and they sent them super quickly to my house.

I had a ton of fun trying on the different styles that I picked out.  It was a super simple process and I was able to find a pair that I really loved. 

I picked out the Fitz glasses in Whiskey Tortoise. I love the way they fit my face and I am actually beginning to like my looks better with glasses than without! That is crazy for me to say since I have been a contact wearer since 6th grade!

Here are some random photos of me in my new glasses over the last week. 

Two things that I really love about Warby Parker:

1) The prices. I had to order the upgraded lenses package because of my vision so it was an extra $30 but it only made my glasses a whopping $125.00 shipped. Honestly, I didn't think that was too bad at all. Some people spend more money on a pair of jeans (I used to be on of those people before marriage and kids). Let's face it. You will wear your glasses almost daily or daily if you are solely a glasses wearer. :)

2) Buy a pair, Give a pair. You purchase a pair of glasses from Warby Parker and they will give a pair of glasses to a non-profit partner to give to a person in need. More information about this program can be found here: http://www.warbyparker.com/do-good/?___SID=U#buy-a-pair-give-a-pair If you know me, I am in love with this concept. Our purchases are even more of an impact when it helps someone else in need. I love my Tom's shoes for that reason and that is also why I love to buy Bryson Tom's too. I think I will be sticking with Warby Parker knowing that I am buying something I need while being able to give someone else the gift of sight. That's awesome!

I am loving my glasses and I think Warby Parker (and this pregnancy) has turned me into a lover of the glasses look! :)

*I was in no way compensated or asked to write this review for Warby Parker. All opinions are my own and I used my own finances to purchase the product. I simply love the product and want others to know about the amazingness of this company!*

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