32 Weeks!

Weeks: 32 Weeks Pregnant

Size of Baby Girl: Between 3.75-4 pounds and around 16.7 inches long! She's getting big!

Activity: She is quite the mover and she is super strong too. I am pretty sure she is learning either karate or kickboxing. She must be trying to get into shape to be able to keep up with big brother. 

Fun Moment This Last Week: A friend of a my mom's had a little girl last year. It's her first little girl and I believe her last because she sent everything home with my mom to bring to me. There are tons of newborn and 0-3 month sleepers, onesies and a few outifts. She also sent a different breastfeeding pillow than what I have now and I am super excited to try it. I had the Boppy with Bryson and didn't really enjoy it. I loved going through the tote and am very thankful for all the little clothes that were stuffed in there. 

Oh, yes! And I graduated! As if you couldn't tell from the photo above. ;-) I will post a few more photos from graduation with a few more details this week. 

Cravings: Sweets. All. The. Time. Last time I had a big couponing ice cream trip we happened to purchase Breyer's Chocolate Ice Cream with M&M's. So, so good! I loved that stuff. It was considered a "light" ice cream, so it made me feel a little less guilty about eating it. Just a little. 

Weight Gain: 35 pounds. I had my doctor's appointment last Thursday and I had gained another whopping 8 pounds in 4 weeks. My body is not being so nice to me with this pregnancy thing in the weight department. My doctor reassured me several times that 35 pounds was perfectly fine. I'm hoping to end at 45 pounds or less at this point. We'll see what happens! If you are wondering how to lose all of the baby weight...stay tuned for posts to come after baby arrives. ;-)

My Activity Level: I walk as much as I can. I try not to exert myself too much because I have began to have a cramping tendency, which is absolutely no fun. This last week was busy getting prepared for graduation and the weather wasn't wonderful to be outside walking every day, so a thorough deep cleaning of our house on Saturday was probably my main source of activity this week. 

Baby Girl Preparation This Week: I didn't buy anything for baby girl for once! Go me! I have been watching what I spend for the past two weeks. Husband and I are going on a date sometime this weekend which also includes a little shopping so I wanted to make sure I wasn't splurging insanely before the trip. My spending freeze has been quite successful this go around. 

4 Weeks until B's 2nd BIRTHDAY
8 weeks until DUE DATE 

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