33 Weeks!

Weeks: 33 Weeks Pregnant

Size of Baby Girl: 4+ pounds and over 17" long

Activity: Little girl moves all the time

Fun Moment This Last Week: Husband and I went on a date day on Saturday. We figured it may be the last chance we have to take a trip to the city with just us two. Next time we go I'm pretty sure we've decided we are taking B to the zoo. We'll see! I may have to have another trip before baby girl decides to come. We went and watched Iron Man 3. It was our first movie theater experience as a couple. We never went to the movies when we were dating and we've never been since we've been married. It was a fun little experience to check off the list!

Cravings: Still craving lots of sweets. It's not a wonderful craving to have all of the time because I think I need to have dessert with every single meal. We won't even go into the dessert I just had after lunch today. 

Weight Gain: Guesstimating 36-37 pounds

My Activity Level: Walking as much as I possibly can. The bloating and swelling has began as well so I am watching myself. I think the days of having to put my feet up are here. That's not an easy one for me to do!

Baby Girl Preparation This Week: I began working on putting a bow board together for baby girl's room. I also bought a few things with Kohl's cash this last weekend for her, received the sweetest baby gift package surprise from the swap group that I am apart of on Facebook (absolutely adorable!) and some fun Tea Collection items that I got for little to nothing. 

3 Weeks until B's 2nd BIRTHDAY
7 weeks until DUE DATE 

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