34 Weeks!

Weeks: 34 Weeks Pregnant

Size of Baby Girl: Between 4-5 pounds and around 18" long

Activity: Baby girl moves a lot still. Movement is starting to be a lot more of the rolling type. She may be starting to run out of some precious room in there. 

Fun Moment This Last Week: Braxton Hicks contractions have began! I'm super excited about this. I didn't have any type of labor preparation with Bryson. My body did nothing. So I am excited for these fake contractions because I know that my body is beginning to prep itself for the real thing. 

Cravings: Sweets and burgers. I think I could possibly eat a burger plus ice cream/cake/a cookie/brownie for every single meal and I'd be perfectly fine with that. I don't think that my body would be so fine though!

Weight Gain: As of my appointment on Friday I have gained 37 pounds so far. My weight gain has began to slow down a bit from the last three months and I'm hoping it stays that way. My goal is to gain 10 pounds less with this pregnancy than I did with Bryson which was 53 pounds. So according to that "goal" (not that I am in complete control!) I can gain a pound a week for the next six weeks until her due date. 

My Activity Level: I've been walking a lot lately and my pace is picking up a bit now! I have been very surprised. I can go about 30 minutes at a fairly brisk pace for a pregnant woman before my stomach just gets too tight. Plus I get out of breath a little bit easier. I've also been doing random squats, labor lunges, tricep dips and whatever else when I have a burst of extra energy. 

Baby Girl Preparation This Week: I was excited to see the Happy Wrap on a deal site this week and snatched it up. I've been eyeing purchasing this type of baby wrap to try out with baby girl. I only had a ring sling with Bryson and him and I never got the hang of it. The Happy Wrap actually came in today and it is so super soft! I cannot wait to try it with baby girl. :) I purchased it in the Slate hoping it'll match most everything and go through all seasons. I love the green and yellow though!

2 Weeks until B's 2nd BIRTHDAY
6 weeks until DUE DATE 

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