35 Weeks!

Weeks: 35 Weeks Pregnant

Size of Baby Girl: About 5 1/2 pounds and 18" long

Activity: Baby girl sure is a pusher. She is running out of room, that is something that I can tell for sure! Her amount of movements are about the same she is just shoving more than anything. I can tell she is getting bigger and stronger. 

Fun Moment This Last Week: I washed all baby girl's newborn clothes and swaddle blankets. They are folded and ready to go! I also ordered a ton of supplies to make headbands/bows for her. I have been procrastinating ordering for a long time. It's a bigger upfront cost to order a ton of supplies but I will be able to make a ton for her which will save a lot of money in the long run in the accessory department. Look for tutorials to come!

Cravings: Sweet tea. Ice cream. Brownies. Burgers. Fries. Pretty much the same that I have been craving for several weeks. I love my sweets but I sure do love a juicy burger with a side of fries. :) 

Weight Gain: Guesstimating between 38-39 pounds. I have an appointment on Thursday so I will have a solid number there. I'm hoping the weight gain is slowing down! According to my last appointment it had slowed down to a pound a week rather than two pounds a week so I was very happy with that. 

My Activity Level: We have been walking a ton this past week. We walked 5 out of the last 7 days for 30+ minutes. At least three of those walks were closer to a 45 minute walk. I'm thankful that B lets us still push him around in his stroller for that long! He likes to be able to look, point and shout out everything that he sees. 

Baby Girl Preparation This Week: Big purchase this last week was the headband supplies. I also bought a few 6 month pajamas for her to grow into. I hung up all of her clothes this morning. I have too much when it comes to 0-3 month and it's super random from there. Hopefully she'll be in her small sizes for awhile! I've been trying to buy ahead so we didn't have to purchase so much when the time arrived for bigger sizes but it is looking like I over prepared in her tiny sizes and should have been buying more for 3-6 month. Hopefully it'll all work out! 

1 Week until B's 2nd BIRTHDAY
5 weeks until DUE DATE 

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