I graduated on Sunday, May 5th 2013 from Barclay College. I am very blessed and thankful for the education that I received from this college. I took online classes which was wonderful for me. Through Barclay each online class is 6 weeks long. They are intensive courses but I also am able to concentrate on one class at a time which helps my focus as a stay at home mom. 

I received my Bachelor's degree in Psychology, but my education is very grounded in my Christian faith. The biblical classes I was required to take have strengthened me as a child of God and for that I am even more thankful for the education the I received from Barclay College. 

The big day came quickly. I knew it would as time seems to pass too quickly. I walked the stage at 32 weeks pregnant with my husband and my almost 2 year old boy out in the crowd (I'm pretty sure B was actually outside playing at the time. He's a little energetic!). The point being; I did it. I made it through my classes. 

Many times I know mommas end up giving up their educational dreams when they stay at home with their children. It seems difficult. It is. I won't sugar coat it. It was a difficult journey to finish up, but I had an amazing support system. My husband helped me out in so many ways. He pushed me and encouraged me on those days where I just wanted to curl up in a little ball and cry. I had many low points where I wasn't sure I could make it, but having a Bachelor's degree is very important to me. 

My own parents were great inspirations for me finishing up my education to this point. 

My mom is an awesome student herself. She graduated in three years from college with a business degree. She also graduated with high honors. During that time she was pregnant and lost their first baby girl. It wasn't an early miscarriage and it was extremely difficult for my parents. She also became pregnant with me towards the end of finishing up her first Bachelor's degree. She stuck with it and that has always stuck with me. She went back to receive her teaching degree when my sister and I were young, not infants, but young little girls about to start our own educational journey. While my sister and I were in high school she did the online thing and received her Master's degree in Special Education. We joke saying that she has some sort of infatuation with being a student, but I truly know that it is because she believes her education is important. 

My dad is another huge source of inspiration for me. My dad never went to college but he has an intense determination to do everything he can to absorb all information (and much more) in able to succeed and be the very best he can be at any job or dream he pursues. My dad is very smart. I'm never sure how he is able to learn so much about certain subjects but he fully absorbs it all and has the drive to learn everything that he can going above and beyond. He is amazingly driven and I know that I received a lot of my determination from him. 

My parents have been huge supporters of my education from the get go. As I have mentioned in previous posts my college education has been full of twists and turns but they have been there for me the entire way. They are awesome parents!

Then you have my husband. Oh, my dear husband! He has had to do so much the past three years in order for me to complete my degree. Not only do so much, but sacrifice as well. My husband has been so awesome for the almost three years we have been married while I finish up my degree. He has done laundry, washed dishes, rocked a sweet baby to sleep, gave up spending time with me in order for me to complete assignments and so much more. He has been a wonderful support system. There were times I broke down, times I wanted to quit. He's held me when I cried wondering how I was going to make it to the end. The love, comfort, care, support, encouragement and more than this man gave and still gives me is amazing. I couldn't ask for more in a husband! He's pretty much perfect for me. :) 

At graduation it was mentioned that completing a degree, continuing with your education it's a family endeavor. How true! I could not have done this without my family. All of them. My husband, my child, my parents, my in-laws, my sisters, my grandparents, my extended family and any friends who have been like family through my entire educational journey. 

I think it's awesome that my children will look back at pictures of their momma's graduation and know they were there (even if little girl was in my huge pregnant tummy), because for the most part I did it for them. They were a big part of my drive. I want my children to know you can chase your dreams and you can finish your degree. It's always been important to me that my children know that their mom didn't give up, that she persevered even when others thought she would quit before the end. I love being a stay at home mom and I am very grateful to my husband that he allows me to be, but when my children are in school I want to be able to chase other dreams of my own that include my career. It's important to me that while I am encouraging my children to chase their own dreams that they can see their momma as an example chasing her own. 

My Bachelor's degree simply serves as a huge stepping stone in the path that I must take to achieve what I believe God has called me to do. In order to become a school counselor I must complete my Master's degree as well. That is another educational journey that I will begin and complete after my children are in school and when I know we can pay for my education as I go. My Bachelor's degree should serve me well in finding a good job to help support my family and help support continuing my education. 

So with graduation behind me I look positively ahead at my future, at my family's future. Not only did I cross that finish line, but my entire family did. I know when I do pursue further education that my family will be there with me 100% of the way. For that I am very thankful. In the meantime I am so relieved and amazed that I am finished for now! I look back on this 5 year journey and wonder how I made it. Then I remember the strength I found through God and the support God gave me through my family. It's really no secret how this stay at home momma completed her degree. God gave me all I needed. 

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