May 2013 Citrus Lane Review

I wasn't blown away from Citrus Lane this month. I feel like they are beginning to repeat items several times. Even though we have never received the certain items that B pulled out of his box this month I know others have. They are repeat companies that have been in past boxes. This is okay to an extent, but I am always excited to see new brands in the boxes that I may never discover without the help of a subscription company. I think that is the point of many subscription companies. Getting the products of companies you've never heard of or don't know much about into your hands to try out. So even though the box was alright I'm ready to see some new brands introduced in our Citrus Lane boxes. 

Our box is for a 24 month old boy. 

This month B received 3 items and I received a mommy item. This month they said they included a mommy item to celebrate Mother's Day. However, I am starting to wish that they would only send items for B rather than myself. I recently subscribed to my own subscription for things just for me so I'd rather just B get all he can out of his own box. 

B's items consisted of:

1) Journey Home From Grandpa's Book & CD Set from Barefoot Books. Retails for $9.99. We received a book similar with a different theme a couple months ago. I believe it was about jungle animals. B didn't like it. It's a little old for him right now. First off it's paperback and the CD doesn't do us much good either. Maybe a year from now within it's intended ages of 3-7. It's a cute book it just doesn't fit B's age or interests right now in the book category. 

2) Submarine by Green Toys. Retails for $14.99. We do love our Green Toys and I am glad that we didn't receive something that we had in the past, however I am ready to be introduced to a different brand of earth friendly toys. This will be used well though and is probably the only item in the box that is truly something B will love.

3) Happy Munchies Rice Cakes from Happy Family. Retails for around $3 in Target. I'm not sure how well B will love these. We tried these once when he was a bit younger and it was a no-go. So it will be interesting to see if he likes it this time around! 

Mommy item:

4) Moisture Stick from Deep Steep. Retails for $5.95. I received the scent in lavender. I may or may not use this. We'll see! It looks like it may be something that could come in handy if I forget lotion or chap stick so I'll just throw it in the diaper bag and hopefully get some use out of it. I may be surprised how much I end up liking it. 

Total value of the box this month: $33.93. Not the highest total and not the best overall selection for B to have some new items to enjoy. The book will be saved back to when he gets into the book and CD sets. Maybe it's just us, but even at his age he still does the best with board books. 

It will be interesting to see what they do for next month's box! If you are at all interested in trying out Citrus Lane you can sign up through my link and receive $10 off a subscription. 

I'm hoping for a bit more impressive box next month. :) Want to join me in finding out for your own little one?

A big thanks to everyone who has signed up through my Citrus Lane link! This subscription is a luxury for us to enjoy with Bryson and is only possible through referral credits. We appreciate every single referral! :)

Had to share this picture so everyone knows that my child isn't cheesin' it up all the time. We were in great need of a nap, but he was positive that he didn't need one. I thought his box might cheer him up, but eventually sleep won him over an hour later! 

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