My Spring/Summer Wreath

While we were in Wichita for the Zoo I ran into Michael's to pick up a few supplies to throw together a wreath for my front porch for this spring and summer. I knew I wanted some chevron ribbon and was lucky to find some. I spent a little under $20 for all of the supplies. Nothing was on sale, but since we do not go to the city often I can't keep going back to the craft store to get everything on sale when I need it. 


Grapevine Wreath- $8.99

A wooden letter K- $3.99

Some pink acrylic paint- $0.50

Chevron Ribbon- $4.99

Other supplies used from home:

Floral Wire

Hot Glue

Hot Glue Gun

Brown acrylic paint

Paint brush

Again, all supplies were purchased at Michael's in case you are interested in putting your own wreath together. 

First I painted my K with the pink acrylic paint. I picked pink because it is super bright and fun plus goes with all of my turquoise on my porch perfectly. I also bought some pink flowers for my porch and it all looks wonderful together. 

Once the K dried I decided to tie the ribbon into a bow around the K. At first I thought I wanted to put a big poofy type bow on the wreath itself. However, I am not very bow savvy. Then I decided simple was better for me anyways. 

I then attached the K with the floral wire. I wrapped the floral wire around the back of the ribbon on the K and spread it out between two spots across from one another. I made sure I had plenty of wire in both directions and wrapped it around the wreath several times to secure the K. Once the K was secure onto the wreath I hot glued a couple of spots where the K was touching the wreath for a little added stay power. I am glad to know that the wire is there though in case the hot glue doesn't hold!

I didn't like that the silver floral wire stuck out so I took some brown acrylic paint I had on hand and painted the wire to blend in. It worked perfectly!

It all then dried and ta da! I had a perfect spring/summer wreath for my porch. 

Simple and cute. Perfect for the porch!

Do you see little man cheesing it while he is up there? Him and his daddy were sharing some leftover cream cheese frosting that I had whipped up for a banana cake I had made that morning.

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